265mm belts needed

Looking to buy some belts in the us

Specifically at : http://www.vbeltsupply.com/

If you are looking for 5mm pitch and 9mm wide Heres more specific :http://www.vbeltsupply.com/265-5m-09-synchronous-timing-belt.html

@willpark16 Did you find some belts?

Not yet kinda wanted to just buy from someone on the forum

I have 3 extra 9mm 265 Brand new from APS

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How much for a single or all 3

id like to try a 265 also the 255 i have is too short…do you have any more @Namasaki?

Would you mind some 11mm 5M HTD280?

I do have more 265’s in 9mm wide. Send me a pm

hmm after like an hour of researching and using the belt length calc im thinking now i need something like:

Tooth Style (Pitch) HTD 5mm Number of Teeth - Large Pulley (A) 60 Number of Teeth - Small Pulley (B) 20 Belt Width (mm) 15 Desired Center Distance 80(mm)

Attribute Value Speed Ratio 0.33 Pitch Diameter - Large Pulley (A) (mm) 95.5 Pitch Diameter - Small Pulley (B) (mm) 31.8 Desired Belt Pitch Length (mm) 372.8 Next Available Belt Pitch Length (mm) 375 Next Available Number of Teeth - Belt 75 Center Distance Using Next Available Belt (mm) 81.3 Teeth in Mesh 7

I think you are using 3M because a 60T 5M pulley is bigger than the wheel… I do have 3M counter parts too.

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lol my eyes hurt from staring at a screen and it was right in front of my face. yeah it is 3M im using. the htd 255-3M is just a little too short