26650 vs 18650 for long range pack

Guys I want to squeeze as much battery juice as possible for long range. Lipos are not an option for me and I know everyone here is using 18650…but what are your thoughts on 26650 ???

BASEN 26650 4500MAH 60A priced at $ 7.98 vs LG HG2 18650 BATTERY 20A 3000MAH priced at $ 6.49

EDIT : I also 've found these : LiNiMnCo 26650 Rechargeable Cell: 3.6V 5000 MAh (18Wh, 15A rated) priced at $12.95 . .

@Namasaki just recently made a nice pack with these Basen batts and seems to be very happy. There were some real life testing done to them and it seems like they do 25A continuous. Look at the chart below. There is LG HG2 for reference.

My initial plan is to wait for vesc 6.0 which is more compact and also should work better with Hubs, and squeeze the biggest pack possible in Raptor Carbon Fiber deck. I want to use Hummies or Jacobs hubs with it. Raptor battery compartment is 510mm by 145mm by 28mm depth. These BASENS bats diameter is 26.1mm by 66.2mm so should fit perfectly.


Does it make any sense to pack raptor deck with these 26650 Basens ? with the right battery placement i think I could get a pack massive pack - somewhere around 466WH or maybe more or less ??

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Although the max current looks similar between 18650 and 26650, one has to remember that the 18650 have less capacity. That mean that for the same total capacity (for example 7500mAh), a pack of 18650 will have a significantly heigher max discharge current. This is just because the 18650 will be made of three batteries and the 26650 of only two …

The 18650 3p pack will have 60a cont capability The 26650 2p pack will have 50a cont capability (according to mooch) On Lion Wholesales’s website the Basen 26650 is listed as having 40a cont capability @ 1p. The 18650 3p will have 7500mah capacity The 26650 2p will have 9000mah capacity Thats a smaller pack with substantially more range and 50a continuous is more than you need.

Here’s a quote by @scrant Congrats on the Basen buy. I’ve been using a 10s1p setup with these for about a month now with zero complaints. And I too soldered cells together and compared to 18650s, they can take a lot more heat and abuse from the iron before heating up. I’m getting about 9-10 miles out of my single motor setup.


Yup. I just went over the 100 mile mark last week on my daily work commute. They’re still awesome. I really should post a video of my run…

Just got this email from Basen company.

Sorry for our late response, thanks for your email!

About Basen 26650 4500mAh 3.7v battery, the continuous current is 30A. We will update the information later, because many people ask this battery.

Thanks for your support, we will do it better and better.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards, BASEN TEAM

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I took a closer look at the chart and discovered that all the amp ratings with * next to them are only estimated and not actual results.

its worth doing just to see how well it works in my opinion.

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What about the ijoy 26650 batteries?

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They’re okay. Not the best.

Damn really?! It looks like they are better than this battery according to Mooch. Did you build a battery with them @chuttney1 ?


they do have higher discharge and ah capacity but are bulkier an way more expensive. most people here will switch when a 26650 10s2p pack has the same stats as an 18650 10s4p pack.

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Ahh ok I see, this is a interesting thread! I may try one out seeing as I have the space, now I need the money loll Christmas blew a hole in my wallet :laughing:

I would love to try out a 10s4p with 26650’s. unfortunately I’m eternally broke :joy:


I want to ask the battery Jedi about these and see what he has to say as far as comparing with my older Samsung 18650’s @barajabali

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Here’s a website comparison of discharge curves for various Li-ion cells tested. This isn’t Mooch’s test data. Even though Mooch’s data shows a 4300 mAh at 30 amps for that 26650 iJoy cell. Comparing the curve with the Samsung 30T on the lygte site makes that cell very bad at higher discharge.

The main decision is mostly a tradeoff for capacity, max continuous amperage, the weight of each cell, and discharge curve. I personally am waiting for the Samsung 30T because I need to go from a 10S5P to 12S2P while dropping battery pack weight. I won’t get the same capacity, but for my current situation, it’s more than enough.

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Ahhh ok ok maybe they gave him a good cell instead whatever Joe shmoe buys too! He gets them direct from suppliers, thank you for the information! I can’t see basen 26650 on there it’s just the 18650’s. I think the ijoy takes the basen cell to be honest. Also ijoy lasts longer than 30t but definitely not as much power in the beginning!! We all need a perfect 26650 cell anyone have any suggestions on high power long lasting? I can’t find any 30t for sale why not @chuttney1 ? Edit: found some for sale

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The Samsung 30T cells are not available yet. I asked on a Vape forum and Mooch responded probably next year. If you were not in the loop Samsung now has a 40T 21700 cell. Mooch rates this at 30 amps with 3900 mAh. I will have to play the waiting game…


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So here’s the question do you think making a shock 5500mah 20a discharge 26650 12s2p for distance and also the 12s2p samsung 40t pack for speed, torque, short distance would be both amazing packs to have?

The long distance pack would have 22000mah that’s a lot for 2p ! With my 25r 10000mah that’s more than double my distance. Then with those beast 40t you could mountainboard through anything and still have 15600mah which would still be more range than I have now! Shit make a 4p with 44000mah you could go forever!