2nd build need experienced input

My first build was on a super stiff drop deck which is good because I’m 200 lbs. i was able to get away with a single enclosure because the deck was very stiff. I am now thinking of doing a second build mainly for my son and I bought a used arbor deck because it had brand new Orangetang kegels on it -$40 - great deal:). This arbor deck is super flexy and honestly feels a little cheap compared to the other. My question is do I spring for another new deck or should the arbor be good enough and if I use the arbor should I go with a 2 enclosure setup due to the flexy deck. If I am going that route should I dremmel a channel or will it compromise the board. I think the arbor is 6 layers of bamboo whereas my first board is 9 layers of bamboo and maple. First build. image Base board for second build. image image

I think that for your son it should be good. If you want a good combo you should go



Man I have a very similar arbor deck on a focbox meepo for my son and i routed out the thickness of the battery cabling with no issues. Once done though fill the channel with either silicon on hot glue otherwise it bulges up through the grip. I would suggest polyurethane but then I’m not sure you’d ever get the wires out should you need to. I used clear silicon.