2x 4s 5000mah batteries charging

Ok so I own two zippy 4s 5000mah and I need a way to charge them and have a on and off switch with out taking them out of the case is this possible I have a IMAX b6 V2 charger right now to charge them and it supports up to 6s.

Look at the MEB Charge Port… https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/ez You could maybe get x2 4s and charge them separately. I would get acheap 8s BMS off ebay and use it for charge only.

What does it mean when it says “For 8S LiPo Chargers you will have to solder your own charger leads.”

I don’t really know, I’d ask @oriol360 directly. Ive only used the 6s charge ports, 1 with xt60 and 1 with 5.5mm bullets.

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Ok than you I will pm him

no worries, yell if you need any more help.

I am using this exact setup right now. 2 MEB charging ports and the same charger you have. I use a XT90-S loop key as an on/off key and I don’t have to open my case to do anything including charge. Here is my wiring diagram. I looks a bit crazy I know but it works. Let me know if you have any questions.

PS: The MEB charging adaptor isn’t included in this diagram but it they would connect to the balance port and the charge port on the top and bottom.

Thank you everything is so clear now I am also using a 192kv motor

Also what do u mean when u have one xt60 going to two of them how does that work.

It’s basically and XT60 parallel connector, so it makes one into too. I made one myself by just taking three connectors and soldering them together, if you don’t want to they are very cheap. Here is a picture of on e of the one I made and a video on how to do it.

Ok I actually have used one of those thanks for clarifying

No problem.

Ok so for my first build I bought one of these thinking ok I will charge it with this but I don’t know what to use to power it so u ended up buying a imax b6 V2 and I would take my batteries out every time. I still have it what do I use to power it.

you can use the same power supply as the b6. but you need an adapter or solder on an xt60.

an old laptop charger would work. something beefy to get the full 150w. you can have a full charge in about an hour…