2x [9235-100KV Brushless Motor 2800W] vs [250w/350w scooter motor] | Mountain board

Hey, I guess some of you have seen this gorgeous terrain board.

So, I would like to hear your opinions.

I would like to build a hub motor mountain board, I understand that available longboard hubs don’t perform well with an 8inch tire, so I looked into scooter motors and drone brushless motors.

Right now I am trying to understand which motor would be better. Scooter motor, maybe a 250w version which is lighter.

This is meant to replicate the 5th version of Martin https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/my-4th-hub-direct-drive-for-at-tire-trampa-ultimate-spring-truck-5-5-inch-hub-motor/91565 Or trying to replicate the model from the first video with this one?

So I would like to know if you have any experience with 9235-100kv. I am more inclined towards this motor as it can be used for other projects I am interested in.

I would like to mention that belt drive is not an option, as it’s too loud and visible.

Good luck with a 3mm shaft ; you’d be better starting from scooter or hoverboard motor and work from there (rewiring with fatter gauge, AT tyres, stuff like it) IMHO

Fair point, it will require some machine milling but can be fit. I am more concern about the motor’s performance.

I’ve been doing a lot of calculations recently about doing exactly that, for 8" tires, to have a comparable performance of geared dual 6374, that will put roughly 40 N.m of torque to the ground, you will need to go with quad 8055 motors, preferably at around 40 Kv, the best match I’ve found is from AlienPower (https://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/80mm/aps8055-bldc-motor-70kv-4500w/)

If you won’t push them really hard you may be fine with dual 8055, but you may run into heat problems

The low Kv is important to keep the current at the ESC reasonable, if going with quad you can save a bit of money by going with 4 FSES 4.20 mini from Flipsky

Or go the same route as @Martin and use the scooter hubs, way cheaper, keep in mind both ways you need some customs pieces machined that will add significantly to the cost


I see, it looks like the @Martin 's way to go is the best case scenario. I am a bit worried that the scooter wheels would not be powerful enough, as some mentioned that he could not get them to climb on a hill. But where I live are quite many hills. I guess if I lack torque, would get an upgrade to a quad build.

Martin’s build looks quite exciting, maybe by having a quad 350w build would a high torque/speed solution, it will be quite heavy but I am ~70kg.

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this guy used 5.5inch scooter wheels at hub motors on his mountain board build


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Like the idea