2x ESCape for sale/trade

Here’s all that I’ll include; BKB bluetooth module, vesc 6 ppm cable, canbus cable, 6x male 4mm bullet connectors with the two ESCapes, $300 plus shipping or trade for a FOCbox Unity20190117_135040


What’s the difference?

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If I can recall …brit ESCspe comes with out the casing. US ESCape comes with it.

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Just curious. Why dose everyone want to get rid of these. Aren’t they known a focbox killers?

unity is way more compact and has a antispark intergrated.

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I would have fucking bought them but budget is over, I’ll have to sell some stuff on the contrary :performing_arts: I got a white pair already, collection would be complete!

… Heck I’m not sure to wish you a fair sale so maybe I can grab them later :laughing:

Trade pending…

Il take both for your price. I live in canada

I’ve got a message from someone saying they’ll trade for a unity, which is my preference. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t go through.

Ok. i might be purchasing the unity instead of the EScape’s

Just curious, what’s everyone’s opinion on the Escapes after using them for a while?

I’ve had a dual waiting for the right board for a while now. I did test a motor detection with them on a 10s battery, worked perfectly.