2x focboxes for sale uk

Hi,I have 2x focboxes for sale,used once,one has a drv error so selling for £70 and another works perfectly fine just needs a connector soldered on £100.

Dm me for PayPal info

How did you fry the DRV?

yeah, let us know how did you fry it :smiley:

Cables were hot glued to the board,came loose on one!

So shorted phases? Do they connect to the tool?

To be honest iv not checked it just flashes fault on the vesc so I assume it’s that.

i swear i just saw a post looking for these

@onepunchboard maybe?

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I got one else where :wink:

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(im new to vescs) Is the DRV error fixable?

With some sick hot air soldering skills? Yes :slight_smile:

Oh the DRV (that big chip?) needs to be replaced?

Exactly :slight_smile:

It is not the biggest chip but one of the big chips :slight_smile:

There’s a few members on here that offer that service to replace the drv

You can buy the service for €30 on the website of eskating.eu

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Thanks for that,think I’ll just keep it and get it fixed for that price! Have you used them before? Also do you know where they are based?

They are very good ,affordable according to people here

I can’t remember his name but he is a user here too

Yeah found him thanks for the feedback

@Martinsp as well

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heyy do u stil have the working one? if yes what is the shipping cost to the Netherlands