2x new pulley kits (motor, slave, belt) for hypa hubs!

Hi! I just recieved 2x pulley kits from trampa today. After i placed my order for this set i found a better solution for my power transmission. If anyone would be in need of some pulleys for a mtb you can save 15-20€ on completely new and unopened ones here. If no one is interested i could always send them back to trampa but i figured i ask here first.

With that said, i got 2x pulley kits including 2x 66T slave pulleys, 2x 15T motor pulleys, 2x 460mm long/15mm wide belts. This set is for HYPA hubs.

I want 120€ (+ shipping from sweden) for both sets which will save you 17.5€ with current exhange rates.

Got no pictures atm since the package is not opened. If you want to buy the set i can open the package and take pictures for you.

Best regards!

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