2x unused Alien 6355 Sensored 130KV 2200W for sale 60€ each

As the title states, i’m selling two of my Alien Motors. They were intended for a project but i won’t have time to finish it. They have XT150 Bullet connectors soldered to them (caps in black and red) The only runtime they have was the motor calibration with an VESC-X at 6S.

I will add pictures shortly.

Selling from Germany. Shipping international for 14€ (9€ without insurance) National for 5€ PayPal preferred

Still selling =)

these are pretty low kV for our applications

I was about to build an all terrain board. Since every application uses a reducing gear i figured to go for a low kV Motor so i don’t have to use a 12 tooth pulley in any of my boards. This with 12S and only 1:2 gear is fast.


Still selling. Great motors for an AT build, so you don’t have to gear down that much.

@bigben Might work for you if you are on 107 wheels?

I’ll be on 97mm next. Got some motors on their way ready for the dual build cheers.

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Are these 2 motors still for sale?

Yes, they still are =)

@DiegoTheWolf @nmiller14 Are you willing to do 60 + shipping with paypal merchant?

Sorry mate 60 for both is not enough. Isn’t paypal merchant for businesses?

Motors are reserved


Closed <<