$3.5 shipped Gearbest Samsung 18650-25R5 battery found legit

8 pieces are available for $27. Is this the samsung 18650 battery that everyone uses?

That would be the one! :thumbsup:

It’s a pretty sweet deal right?

Great deal if they’re genuine. I’m a bit wary to trust sites without an SSL cert. Also, the discharge current in the specs is wrong.

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IF they are genuine that would be a pretty sweet deal indeed. I’ve seen mixed reviews from Gearbest, but a lot of people have used them and had great experiences with them. You got me thinking about stocking up for another pack now…

Gearbest are good for me but as the above user said they can be mixed

Pulled the trigger and got 5 packs with 8 batts in 1 pack=40 cells for $141 including shipping. That’s $3.5 per cell shipped(+ damage insurance). If they don’t happen to the right capacity I’ll return it. They have 45 days money back guarantee.


Okay the batteries came 10 days ago, but I haven’t had the time to play with them.

This is what the package looks like.

All batteries are at 3.53 Volts and weigh 44gm( should be 43.8gm). According to the discharge curve above, if I charge it to 4.2 I should see close to 1.6Ah on my charger. Would that confirm that it’s genuine Samsung 25R or is there a better way of checking it?

Charge to full then do a 1amp discharge to 2.5v and check capacity. I wouldn’t go that low, but get closer to it.

That’s good to see they came in a reasonable timeframe, I got shut down when I posted a link to the sale they are having on the hg2’s in the 18650 group buy saying they have terrible reviews of the site.

Anyone know why they dont ship to Australia?

Can you please let us know if the capacity is as advertised. I am looking to buy some myself. Really appreciated!

On it.

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After he performs his Capacity test… how does he get the battery back to exactly 3.53V again ,to match the others before building pack ???

How is it that Gearbest can have Free shipping and no import sales taxes to pay ??

From Alibaba Fedex shipping is close .75$/cell,

  • duty fees+ taxes ??

Because gearbest is a scam. All of their customers says their credit card info was hacked after, and the products they received were not what was described.

OK guys we have got a winner. I didn’t want to reduce the voltage too much so i set it to cut if off around 3.3 V. It shows 3.42 Volts because the voltage bounces back when no current is being drawn.


Just after I started discharging

After discharging finished.

The only thing I had bought from Gearbest was this $18(shipped) rc plane, which I though was impossible, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have been flying that plane since. That’s the reason I went for these batteries this time. Also, it was too good an offer to pass. I use paypal so I guess there is no chance of them using my credit card info?

You charge it to above 3.53 V and then discharge to 3.53. You can set the discharge voltage in the charger.

ok thank you!

Ahh, in still a little weary of them. But maybe in wrong.

All of this makes me wonder though, what is the real whole sale price of these batteries. What does TESLA pay for their batteries. I wonder if we can do a group buy directly from the Samsung distributors.

If we know what the cost and capacity of a TESLA battery pack is, we can estimate of whether we are grossly overpaying alibaba or not.

Well there is no way we could buy as many as Tesla, the have huge negotiating power. We don’t. We could get the price down but no where near what Tesla is paying.

P.S. I am running a group buy right now for Basen 26650 and LG HG2 18650

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