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3.5kg Electric Skateboard

My friend lives in Taiwan and he said that these boards are taking off quickly over there as the “last mile” city transport. Its a mini electric skateboard by this company and its sub 500 usd. Hes bringing me back one so I can test it myself. I think these little mini eboards probably will take off cuz they are so portable.

this eboard is designed for kids. here is the factory link

Max load weight 70kg Max Speed 18km/h

lol made me laf… It most def is designed for kids. lol

i’ll bet my one year old would love this thing. he’s already stealing my wheels.


it looks like that is a different one, although it seems they are using the same technology for the motor in the wheel. i like this much better than the clunky motors hanging outside and belts. this is definately more visually appealing as well as more cutting edge. i am talking about the one here商品/me-mini i think its about time there was an affordable mini eboard

it looks like the enertion system here costs 529$ which still has to be assembled by yourself, whereas this pre-assembled kit here even has motor covers and includes everything and only costs 150$. also the design of this one is clearly better. enertion seem like the designer isnt a very good engineer and makes you pay extra for designs that are quite less than optimal. enertion cnc components are overdesigned and have more nuts and bolts that would be susceptible to failure.

Yeah, I agree with you 1000% this design of yours is clearly 1000 times better. no, no its 1 billion times better. that’s obvious…

those EMP motors are also 1 billion times better, they have all the useless stuff like magnet retainer rings removed, so they are lighter and they have red bits, so it’s faster.

I also agree that nuts & bolts are way too complex… they are sure to fail… My next design I am using nails & super glue. it will only cost $100 for the entire electric skateboard.

Also, I have always thought the kingpin, that nut & bolt, that holds the trucks together was a bad design - susceptible to fail.

EDIT: belt tension systems are also way too complex & should be eliminated from all motor mounting systems, just stretch the belt on with a chisel.


Is this guy serious? You get what u pay for bro

@joel2 please tell me you’re joking…

I’ll sell you a board that’s way better for 75 bucks. You don’t even need batteries. You just pull it backwards until it clicks and then it goes like a bat outta hell!


I think it also worth pointing out, I’m not an engineer, I’m a skateboarder who played with lots of lego as a kid. I made the parts “overdesigned” for a reason… Because I did testing, real world testing of lots of different parts & various designs… I designed something that won’t break when you are doing 45+km/h down the street…pretty important!

ALSO, I don’t want to trust my life on something that’s been made by some Chinese dude who doesn’t understand skateboarding, something that maybe got tested for 10mins doing just 15km/h in the carpark in front of the factory they work at, electric skateboards & electric skateboard parts should be design & tested by skateboarders.

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so we should NOT trust a team of asian engineers with a better drive system that is clearly moving towards the direction of the future, cuz they are asian…and all of us smart people know that asians are stupid and make shit products. i get your point. so instead we should trust a guy who derives his engineering skills from legos and charges over 3 times more money for a lesser product that hes pumping out of his garage.
i dont know. its a tough decision. ill really have to think about it.
dont talk about quality until you are ISO9001 / ISO14000 certified young grasshopper. the mini board is at least ISO certified, and its not coming out of a garage

there was this one guy who made a similar comment about the enertion-type cnc design. his name was Albert Einstein. he said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” That moron never had the chance to absorb any knowledge from onloop though.
look at all these terrible, awful designs enertion has the best design in the world and these other successful companies just has this inferior built in motor thing. onloop can i ask you, is putting the battery inside of the actual board also a crappy low quality design? cuz i didnt see any enertion products with that either

If you are going post a new product and claim it’s better, whilst simultaneously saying a tried and tested product is worse you need to give some reason or evidence. Personal opinion is fine, it’s a free speech forum, but maybe tone it down a bit.

This forum thrives on objective and factual content, not subjective and personal unfounded opinions - it won’t be tolerated so please, once again, tone it down.

My advice is to create a list of proven/known facts about the products you’re comparing. PROS & CONS or photos and data from your time using both products. Your content needs to be well thought out and useful to others otherwise it shouldn’t be posted.

maybe you should try out your own advice

First how is the “Asian drive system” you’re talking about even better?

It doesn’t have most of the features you should want… for example no belt tensions adjustment

@onloop, @torqueboards, and @psychotiller all make motor mounts that are cnc’d and much better than this product. How you may ask?
-belt tensions adjustment
-can be put on either side, and wherever you want on your caliber or Paris trucks

  • rotatable on the truck, so you can change the angle at which they face (2/3)
    -and finally, just a quality design that won’t break on you… I’ve seen people break mounts, but never from any of these three guys.

Now you bring up that they come with motors… they are the kind of motors that will die on you because they’re just low quality crap.

“Oh man, you’re just saying that because Asians make them in China! Your points are invalid”

Everything is made in China… And if people want to make crap, they can make that in China too.

But hey, it’s all your call, and I do suggest you put up some evidence before slandering a product…

You mention visually appealing and cutting edge a lot…how about give us some details on performance? That’s really what matters.
top sustainable speed,
Charge time,
Speed adjustability…

If this board you are so pumped on can only go 12mph for 6 or 7 miles then it is a shit product.

belt tension adjustment?? theres no belt. the motor is inside of the wheel itself. I rode this board and i liked it but maybe it wouldnt fit someone who is trying to go 35mph and risk killing themselves. This board goes 12mph for 10 mile range, and being as though im not a speed demon and im just looking for an affordable board to ride to the subway station or ride a mile down the road to a bar, its very fitting. maybe this forum is more geared towards those who want to go extremely fast. but the board im talking about is more geared towards the general market who just wants a reliable, compact, lightweight, short distance transport that looks like a penny board. this board is very popular all over asia. it cant be complete shit if its selling thousands of units per month and demand is on the uptick. not for racers. just for people who like to get from point a to point b conveniently with a skateboard minus the sweat

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Smells fishy in here…

“Hes bringing me back one so I can test it myself"
"I rode this board and i liked it”

That was a quick flight back for your buddy to have you test it already.

Seems like you came on here solely to promote a product and to bash another, not to mention to bash the creator of the product who puts his heart and sole into what he creates. If you see design flaws with the product and you make mention of them, that is one thing, but to insult it because it is in a different category all together is just silly Joel.

You are comparing apples to oranges here, we all love fruit but some prefer the apple over the orange, if you don’t want to eat the orange then by all means enjoy your apple, but don’t start bashing those who prefer oranges, you just come across like a kid who is trying to pick a fight.

“maybe this forum is more geared towards those who want to go extremely fast”

What part of do you not understand? This forum is geared towards those who want to build an electric skateboard, not go out and buy a prebuilt one. Think you came to the wrong place.

“it cant be complete shit if its selling thousands of units per month and demand is on the uptick” This means nothing, everyday thousands of units of shit gets sold everywhere in the world, just because there is a quantity does not mean there is quality.

However you are right, this board is perfect for the general market who wants a compact, lightweight, short distance transport option…reliability has yet to be proven.

This forum is definitely not the place where you will find the general market, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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It does look nice but try climbing up a hill with that one… You’ll end up walking it up a hill. The dual might be a bit better.

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