3 flat tires in one day. Trampa mountainboard. Airless?

I guess you can say that today was not my lucky day. First ride ever in my Trampa mountainboard, actually testing it. As you can see in the picture, I got hit by these tiny little spines, on three tyres! and had a rather nasty crash, follow by the walk of shame carrying my board home. Tomorrow I will check the riding site to identify the nasty plant producing these evil spines…

So, is there a better way to deal with this, or make the tires more resistant? I have another board with these 6’’ Airless tires. Something like this exists for 8" tires, and compatible with my trampa wheels?


Tire sealant.

Thanks Bro, something like this slime tube sealant? Never tried this. I thouth it was garbage, but reading the review it might actually work. Will give it try!

Ive got extra sets of the airless. Blue green and orange as you can see in the corner. If you live in the USA I can hook you up with a set for a good price.

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A quick search did the trick.

Beware of the risks at high speed that are involved. Having a liquid that turns solid on a dime in your tire is a very bad idea at the speeds we achieve.

Any sealant will do I think. It’s not my area of expertise. Do your research.

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Reading the comments, not everyone agrees… if this is a good idea. I will do some more research, but most likely I will give it try, as there not many other options.

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Speeds above 25mph the airless tires start to deform off the rim. Other people have used zip ties to solve this problem.

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I might be interested, but for my other board. I like the 8" on this one. Price? Shipping is to Sarasota, Florida.

They sell for 138 shipped from diyeboard. I would do 120 shipped.

What about Tampa gummies? Probably a bit small

I put some kevlar between the tire and the thing wich blows up cant think of the name for it

I did that on my bycicle and boom no flats anymore


Those seems to be pieces broken off from the sweet gum ball. Last year I had to fix about 10 flats on my kids’ bikes due to these. Don’t ride over them at all costs. Now my kids avoid them like plague and it’s been fine since.

Do you mean the inner tube?

Mountain bikers use tubeless tires, because upon a puncture they’re pretty easy to repair on the trail. Maybe someone could, if at all possible, see if there is a way to adapt this for esk8ing.

Stans sealant will take care of those no problem, can get it at a proper bicycle shop.

It’s liquid, and much thinner than Slime. You can pull them out and a little bit of milky sealant will leak out, then seal up.

You just put it in the tube through the schrader valve. 1/2- 1oz /15-30ml per tire is enough.

The thorns are called goatheads.

Beware of dry, sparse, weedy wide open areas. Also, try to stay in the middle of the trail.

This is a great idea! Do you have a spec or thickness on the kevlar material?

You can roll on the tires we use even when flat. Those tires must be super thin.

Second that. Not clear to me what type of kevlar to use.

Use Stan’s No Tube, much better stuff.

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Thanks bro. This stans Tire Sealant seem to be really good according to the reviews!

I am running an MTB bike tire for months with holes being sealed by Stan’s