3 months later I finally get a partial refund from Chrisfell ( old screen name)

I’ll tell you what I will never recommend buying anything from this shit talking disrespectfully piece of shit. Now he wants to act like a victim. This dude flip flops like no one I’ve ever met. 90% of the time he just is incapable of admitting he done anything wrong. Then when he finally does the next day he takes it back. It took about 3 months to finally be even with him. And rather that issuing my partial refund 3 weeks ago he had done nothing but make stupid excuses. He says what ever he thinks you wanna hear ,makes promises to make things right then the next day starts acting like he did nothing wrong again and I’m some kind of bully. Chris you really need to quit drinking fucker. You can’t even remember what you said only 1 day before. Your brain fried and you know it. After issuing my refund f****** finally I would have found it within myself to still be friends with you you won’t run your f****** mouth so much talking s*** basically going back on everything you say you flip flop like a fish out of water it’s f****** pathetic you can’t keep f****** what you say straight you can’t follow through on anything you say you’re going to you’re just a f****** mess dude. You’re such a f****** s*** talking mother f****** p**** we could have been friends after this now you’re going to have to look over your shoulder at every f****** event to make sure I’m not standing there waiting for you to turn around b****. P

Yep finally over.