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3 Trucks With 3 Motors For Sale BARGAIN!

tng master race represent

I watched all the tng episodes and wanted something similar to tng and I found Babylon 5. Similar vibes to tng and I love it

Sorry for the spam but I dont like the mystery products up for sale

Sorry for the spam but I dont like the mystery products up for sale

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Hahahaha my new favorite thread no lie

I want to know what that sellers response will be

Dammit, where the f**k is the popcorn emoji when I need it?!

Guess this will have to do, for now. :eggplant:

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Guys see attached spec page. These serfdom the iWonder skateboard out of China. Not sure why ohmboy didn’t just give up those specs.

They are either the 270 or 360kv 1200w.

well if i were him i wouldnt have given up the specs either, he’s selling crap!! For what hes asking i can get extra pulleys, a better motor, a better motor mount, and caliber trucks. And he didnt even put up an actual price, the dude thinks this is like ebay or something.

ok this is done.
pack her up boys.

From his replies I also gathered he thinks parts are parts and generally we are all just a bunch of idiots that will buy pretty much any shit for any price that anyone’s selling. -Who bought and is now sitting on a bunch of shit parts though?

agreed- this guy sounds super incompetent and uneducated about our forum… just by the tone of his replies after we simply asked for specs shows his true motives.

haha I don’t even think we have a single member under 13 on here! youngest is probably lox, and he has gotten super educated about everything in these past few months!

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