3-wheeled electric longboard

The wheels would probably spin real fast and with that diameter I probably wouldn’t get enough torque. The 3-1 ratio is solid at 10S and 190kv I think. Also i’d need to build a board that can fit both the wheel and pulley in the slot as well as room for the belt which means I’d probably have to either mount the motor in the slot as well, or on top of the board. Maybe something like this with a longer and wider slot in the back and some metal brackets to reinforce the board. It’d probably end up being quite a bit of work to get working and wouldn’t give me as much clearance on the bottom so I’d have to integrate the electronics inside the board (probably a thick deck). I’ll have to look into it. Gonna try out the board as is this weekend hopefully and see what happens.

That’s a good idea too. I meant that you drive a wheelless axle at 3:1 and just transfer it 1:1 to the wheel

I guess that’s one way of doing it! Starts getting pretty complicated though, might be easier to drive the wheel axle directly and have the pulley off to the side, though then I have to mess with bearings and build adapters for the wheel. Right now the pulley is mounted directly to the wheel and I’m using the stock bearings that came with the scooter wheel. I also realized I can shave off a good centimeter or so by machining them out of aluminum. Hopefully that’s enough to help with the tipping. Might also mount the truck drop-though again even though my ground clearance might start getting a bit small.

Why not have the drive train on the front wheel(s), and just have the back wheel free-wheeling?


The reason for having a single back wheel was to have an easier way of mounting the motor and have it further from the ground and hopefully more protected. If I were to mount the motor on a truck I might as well have a normal truck in the back as well, which is probably better for riding. I’ll probably do that if this doesn’t work out.

Unless you meant having only one front wheel? Which I’m not sure how well that would ride, sounds really unstable. But you’re right if I’m dead-set on 3 wheels rather than 4 front truck is probably a good way of moving the wheel axle closer to the ground