£300 Budget, DIY or buy ? for my weight?

Hi guys , as the title says .

Ill give some info 5’9 ish Weight 18 stone ish legs short 32" ish age 40ish Been reading up for a while, Time to take the plunge. Want to know if eskate is for me or not ? i already have 2 boards. a 27.5 inch cruiser and a 39" double drop atom longboard. any advice will be gratefully received


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lol, some good advice. But with such a low budget, you’re much better off buying a prebuilt. Meepo v3 seems like the best option.


Yup. Only good option near that price point, IMHO.


Yup Yup 1+


Thanks guys

Just found those boards

which one would be best for my 110kg lard arse ?

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Meepo is more reputable.

and with them you’re already taking a risk. so maybe leave it at that.

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Teemo maybe the other 2 aren’t any good

Would go with a meepo v3 until you source the money for better stuff

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what would be best bang for buck equipment wise will £300 will get me to get started ? I already have a long board atom micro drop, this will be my base ?


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None. First is pouch battery=no range. Second is a 2018 version of a Meepo. Third is a well-known piece of crap.

This is the way.

Deffiently meepo v3 I have my diy monster, but the meepo also comes in super handy! Its light, reliable and fun! Really good bang for 300ish bucks. I am currently building a 10s4p battery to fit in the original meepo enclosure for some better range :+1:

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The meepo in the uk is about £350. so I will go with DIY . just ordered a Vesc and a motor.

thanks for your help .

and remember buy nice or buy twice !

Curious how you’re planning on staying under £350, have you priced it out?

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update guys. Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV £45.72 [Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 50A ESC Based Upon VESC 43.31 x 1