$300 Eboard. Should I make a build thread?

Yes you should! The more the merrier

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So 300$ including the board itself? That’s extremely cheap!

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Yep board included. I can’t really compare as I’ve never ridden another eboard


My current build, the deck alone cost more than half that!!!

Same here with second build. Board with trucks and wheels were 300e… First build were 350e in total.

This is a build I did for a guy at work five or so months ago. Marine150a ESC 2500kva inrunner gear drive, 8:1 ratio on 70 mm wheel, 4s. Under 300.00 usd. Still going strong. 26 mph and just did 7 mile santa Clarita run and kept up fine with his 200 lb of man on it. He decided to upgrade ESC to 200a 1/5 trackstar for better brakes after the Clarita run.

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2500kv? We want a threat for it

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So 220 USD? wow thats amazing, definitely make a thread.

This is 197€!! Please tell me more. Maybe do a parts list?

Surely he meant 250 KV

2500kv at 4s would be 42,000 rpm

True, but where did he found a 250kv Inrunner?

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Here is the kv combo explained and I apologise for bombing your thread.


We were trying for bare bones cheap cheap cheap. Goolrc 2650kv 1/8 inrunner $28.00 (the 2000kv is a better fit). flycolor 150a esc waterproof 38.00 (very hearty esc 10ga wire and does not overheat, no brakes) gt2b radio $27.00. multistar 4s 10000mah $65.00 b6ac charger. $15.50 hot racing pinion 5mm 9t 32p $10.00 Robinson racing spur 72t 32p $15.50 used longboard 50.00. hand fabricated motor mount misc hardware $35.00. Total $284.00 setup still working well and yes the gear drive works, use 70mm wheels. I highly recommend getting an ESC with brakes.


I test drove a board 2 days ago with dual Carvon V2s, 6s and a pair of FVT ESC’s and I was amazed at how smooth and linear the brakes where!

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The $284.00 dollar build is on the left screen side in the drag race video I posted.

So for everyone asking for me to post a build thread, I will next week sometime. At the moment I’m waiting for a new esc because the one I was using blew up the other day (it was a $12 40 amp heli esc for testing). I am ordering a 120amp X car beast esc tonight. Can’t wait to get riding again soon. The build is now around $350 AUD or $260 USD which is still cheap as chips

Spur gear system is nice. Show that in build.log please.

I would resesrch before buying that x car beast but maybe other.people.havent.had problems. I personally like fvt 6s, i.think.it.works.quite.good :slight_smile:

I’m riding the x-car beast 150 on a 6s system without any problems. The only reason I would like to have another ESC it vesc is that it is quiet big. Instead of 2.5 cm my housing needs to to have a height of around 5 cm. Other than this I have no complaints.

Ok thanks. It’s nice to know that they are good for eboards. That’s the same problem I have, as the enclosure must be quite tall. I think I will just cut a hole in the top of the enclosure though so that it will also get good air flow to the esc. The other thing is I might be able to take the esc out of its original case and put it in a smaller slimmer one.

Thanks and I’ll let you know how it goes

Broke down the spur gear on a build thread. “Spur gear approach”

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