300€ Electric Skateboard Build

Hi guys. i joined this forum not so long ago and thanks to the precious information posted here i could finally complete my build.

My goal was to make the best electric skateboard i could for about 300€ .

Being limited to this budget i went for the single motor drive, 3:1 chain transmission, and 6s LiPo batteries.

Here it is the complete part list: Motor: PROPDRIVE v2 5060 380KV 2665W 44€ Transmission: Chain and Steel sprockets 30t and 10t 30€ ( chain, 30t sprocket, 10t sprocket, chain link) Motor Mount: A very simple Self made Motor mount made with aluminum/steel ( only used a dremel, drill press and metal and saw) 3.8€ ESC: Hobbyking X-car Beast 120A 47€ Batteries : 2 lipo Turnigy 5000mah 20c in serie per ottenere una 6s 42€ Transmitter receiver: Winner transmitter 33€ (sadly the discounted price is no more available) Electric cables, connectors etc: 5€ Longboard base: Cheap drop Sown longboard from Seltex with abec11 bearings on amazon 40€ Wheels: 90mm 80A 15€ from alibaba Box for electronic and batteries: tupperware 3€ Various shipping costs: 30€ Charger: i already had a lipo an old and cheap lipo charger from hobbyking ( equivalent charger to mine )

I know the motor has more Kv than usual, but after doing some basic math, i thought it could work with a 3:1 gear ratio at 22v of the 6s. And after testing it IRL i know it for sure now, at least for my needs. In this configuration i have a humongous amount of torque and speed , goes uphill with no problem, and goes faster than i need. I won’t use all this torque and speed, but is a good thing that i have it if i decide to use it when i am more confident. TOP SPEED: I was able to push it only to about 35 km/h (about 21 Miles/h) because it was my first time with an electric skateboard and i was a little scared of going faster. After this first test i limited the throttle to 50% because i do not need to go that fast, and at full throttle ( so at 50% of the max capabilities ) the top speed was 25 km/h, so i can guess the at 100% throttle the speed would be definetly over 40km/h or am i wrong? RANGE: By my calculation i was expecting about 10 Km of range, but i was surprised i reached 12.3km before the low voltage cut-off of the esc kicked in. During this range test i have to admit for the most part i went to a cruise speed of about 16km/h but alternated to also very fast speed laps ( at least for my first time xD) and it took for me more than an hour to complete the range test because i was also filming it , and stopping to check for batteries voltages after each lap. This range i more than enough for my use because i live on a small town by the sea in italy and things are not very far luckily . CHARGING: For charging i simply connect the charger to the charge and balance port. The charger i use is an old echo 6 i got from hobbiking many years ago when i was into RC stuff. It’s not the fastest, because it charges a 6s at max 2.2A/h so it takes about 2 hours to charge the board when completly empty. But it’s a good trade off in exchange to keep the overall cost low, and if i need i can make upgrade it later.

ENCLOSURE: It’s made simply with a kitchen plastic container of the right dimensions, screwed to the board and painted black.

Other STUFF: The board is turned on and off with a simple loop key. The batteries inside the tupperware case are protected in a layer of foam to avoid any damages by vibrations or bumps in the road. The clearance under the case isn’t very much, 5cm, but i had no problem so far .

PROBLEMS I ENCOUNTERED: During the build i first used battery clamps as as track clamp of the motor mount. DO NOT USE THEM. I found this suggestion in this forum and i strongly say do no use it. It broke after few minutes of testing , luckily with no damages to my components because the motor connector detached from the esc connectors and the motor rolled out of the trajectory of wheels.
After this accident i went back to the metal seller in my city and bought a solid piece of 2cm thick Aluminum and made my truck camp wich worked fine!

I know i made some not very popular choices on this build, like the high Kv motor, the drop down deck, the chain transmission, but i had to work with my budget to make it the best i could , and i loved to much the dropdown look :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

If you have any critique, questions or want to ask for more detailed photo of some components don’e esitate to ask.


I really like that you went for a chain drive as did I. Looking at your build it could be mine it’s so similar! lol Well done.


Thanks a lot! ahahah, i was also considering the board you used for your build! Is it a seltex? I decided to go for the dropdown because i liked the look more xD How is the chain transmission holding up?

Do you know, I have no idea who made it, but it’s the same one as this listing here on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LONGBOARD-SKATEBOARD-STREET-SURFER-41-104cm-COMPLETE-SURFOARD-PU-WHEEL-ABEC-9-/252798314107?var=&hash=item3adbf4267b

The chain is holding up really really well. I’ve been using it for over 6 months now and I’ve not had to do anything to it except the occasional oil. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the feedback! it’s great to know from someone who as had real life experience with chain :slight_smile:

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Wow! i am new here, but i already think i found my inspiration for my board! Looks cool and kinda different from the other i saw here. I am seriously considering making your version because it’s amazing and cheap! Range and speeds are a lot similar to the boosted board of casey neistat!!! Amazing !! Do you have any instructions to build it? Can you post link to the stores of the parts you used? Do you have any video of the performances of your board?

This post isn’t my build but it’s very similar.

Have a look at my build blog for some inspiration: http://kevindark.co.uk/Blog/Read/7

HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 120A that esc is for 4 pole motors and PROPDRIVE v2 5060 380KV Brushless Outrunner Motor is 14 pole Maybe i dont understand something but shouldnt be the same number of poles ?

Hi tomek! Basically it doesn’t matter! I was an RC enthusiast a few years ago and i learned this: The ESC does not know how many magnets poles the motor has. If you wanted you could run 64 Pole motor with a 4 pole esc. I had no problem at all running this motor with this esc :slight_smile:

I don’t have instructions yet, but i am planning on making a very simple video about it, and will also contain footage of the board in action to show performances :wink:

For the links i will edit the first post to have link

Nice build! Could you share the link of the wheels? Can’t find any good sized wheels for cheap that ship to NLD (without a big amount of shipping costs.)

I updated and linked the first post where i got the wheels on alibaba! ( i post the link here again ) I had to be creative to stay in the 300€ budget. It’s alibaba, not aliexpress, they usually ship only big orders, but i found this seller that have also the option to send free samples of the wheels. I asked for a couple of sets of wheels as samples and it shipped it to me for 30$, so 15$ for 4 wheels.

Interesting fact: Talking to the chinese girl who assisted me i found out the real cost of importing wheels In fact i discussed an hypothetical order of 500 sets of 4 wheels. and between cost of wheels plus shipping plus 21% tax in italy ( calculated both on wheel cost and shipping), the end cost for 1 set of four wheel ( 90mm 80A of the best quality they could make) would be about 13$. 13$ !!! Now you know how much ( more or less) our importers pay for a set of wheels xD


Wow! The video would be super awesome! And thanks for the links. Sad that the offer on the controller is ended and now it costo over 60$ And that the skateboard you used is no longer available :slight_smile: I will try to look around for some replacements .any suggestions ?

I found the link to another trasnmitter on aliexpress at 38$ if you are interested ( link to offer )

For the skateboard try to search for a cheap one, but with good reviews. That’s how i found mine and i am very happy with it :slight_smile:

Just a small stupid video about me showing off my E-skate i made for Instagram ----------------> INSTAGRAM VIDEO <-------------------------