300a esc and 70a motor

Hey! I have a 300a esc and a 70a motor. So I have two questions for you:

  1. Can the esc and the motor work together? the amp of the esc is not too high for the motor?
  2. If the esc works with the motor, so the esc would take 70a from the battery? or still 300a?

Thanks a lot!!!

Yes! ESC is ok if motor kv is within kv limit of esc. Make sure your 70a motor is up to the mechanical task it’s being asked to perform…

Thank you so much! and what do you mean by " Make sure your 70a motor is up to the mechanical task it’s being asked to perform" Sorry, my English is not too strong

  1. The esc and the motor will work together, the question is how well… To answer that we need more specs.

  2. Its the motor that decide how many amps are pulled (on regular esc, not vesc i think), so the esc will pull maximum 70A from the battery.

Edit: @MoeStooge was faster :expressionless:

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Use this tool. http://calc.esk8.it/ if your motor lacks the amount if watts it takes to push the weight your loading the motor at, it will burn up…

Thanks a lot!

but on this tool i can only measure speed

Please tell us more about these parts or send some pics.

Is that helps you? Flier 300a car esc

More motor info needed. 70a motor at what voltage will determine your watts or horsepower. For instance say a 500w motor(70a x 7.2v = 500w) will safely drive a 170lb vessle 12mph at wide open throttle. Gear it for 15mph and now it runs hot and has less applied torque at the wheel. Watts(HP) needs to exceed the load to determine what top speed you need to calculate so you don’t make magic smoke…

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Voltage: 12S Lipoly RPM/V: 149KV Internal resistance: 0.021 Ohm Max Loading: 70A Max Power: 2250W Gearing: 1:7.8

Thanks a lot!!

wheel size is the lat bit for a roll out calc.

2250w I’d say 20mph would be a safe Target to start with. Monitor motor temps and shoot for 135 deg farenheit 160 tops…

He could surely go faster than that, right? You only start to pull around 2000w when nearing 50kmh, well that’s what I saw on a different post

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the wheel size is 200mm So, can I build this? is that ok? the motor would not burn or something?

Use the calculator tool above to achieve the mph I stated above using the equipment you have and it will be a safe starting point base line…

@MoeStooge @pat.speed
I do not think that hobbykings 2250W is correct. IMO they mislabeled that… 50,4V (12S) * 70A ~ 3500W

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3500w will get him to 30mph

KT torque per amp = 60 / (2 * pi * KV) = 0.064 nm/a

70a max recommended amps * 0.064nm/a = 4.486 newton meter max recommended torque

2250w max recommended mechanical power / 4.486nm = 501.56 radian per second max recommended angular speed at max recommended torque

501.56 r/s * 9.5492 rpm per r/s = 4789.5rpm max recommended rpm at max recommended torque at 70a

70a * 70a * 0.021ohm= 102.9w motor heating @ 70a

300a * 300a * 0.021ohm= 1890w motor heating @ 300a

Diameter? If so that’s crazy big wheel.