300kv motor poles

I am trying to configure a dual esc and one of the options is motor poles. How do I figure out how many poles my 300kv motor have? I can’t find any specs like that on it any where.

what kind of motor? rc cars use 2 or 4 pole motors, esk8/heli 14 pole. hubs 22, 24, 28 poles like gimbals…

It is a 300kv motor that came with the mountain board. Builder refuses to provide info on the motor specs. Not much else to go on.

Poles and magnets are the same. U couple probably see without opening the motor

It’s sealed, but that helps. I’m guessing similar KV motors aren’t the same when it comes to poles/magnets?

there are stator and rotor poles, most people talk about the rotor poles in RC (i don’t know why)

the most common amount for the motors used on here is 14 poles on rotor and 12 on stator, KV won’t be directly related

I think the only way to tell is to open it up, you could try and count the number of times it cogs (the little bumps in resistance you can feel from the magnets) in a rotation but i wouldn’t trust myself to be able to do that.

when you say sealed you can’t see the magnets at all?

I would suggest the same thing as above. Mark the shaft and case and start turning the shaft slowly counting the cogs until you line up the marks again.

I don’t think u can count the cogging to figure the poles. If u have any holes u should be able to figure how many magnets there are. Taking an outrunner apart and back together is easy



If u had one tooth and 14 magnets it would work

yeah I guess it will only tell you the ratio of stator to rotor poles

This is the motor. Not sure how to go about cracking this open. Works ok, so I don’t wanna risk messing it up. Already asked the builder several times about the motor. He never answers the question.

Here’s a few pics unmounted and some specs, but nothing about motor poles.


I think you could just try it with 14 poles it shouldn’t break anything it will just spin faster or slower than it’s supposed to, as more pole pairs means more steps for a full rotation

but check with someone more experienced first

What esc are you using do you know how the motor pole setting effects it?

It’s a flier dual esc. I didn’t get the usb program cable with it or the program box. The manual says I can program it via remote and aound, but it’s kinda confusing. I think I might have changed something else like the motor timing instead of disabling reverse. I thought I changed it, but it still has reverse.

The Dual esc, only has one good thing going for it. The torque is much stronger than when I was using 2 x vescs, but the brakes are like dropping anchor. It applies full brake with the slightest of touch.

So, I’m not sure what the Dual ESC should be set to for motor poles, but I’ll try 14. Trying to find someone that can sell me the usb program cable at the moment. Hard to find.