305mm Double King pin - China

Hi guys, just wanted to show you my latest find and my next upgrade. Price tag: 35eur rear+front trucks

Here is the link if someone is interested. I’m in China I bought it directly from taobao:

【SAKERS SIX 电动滑板 双层桥架 EVO 9寸宽桥】https://m.tb.cn/h.eMPtY3N?sm=1cbe81 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或椱ァ製这段描述$krkPYL9bq1o$后到👉◇綯℡寳👈

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Are these wider than normal Evolves kit? Do they sell rear trucks with adapters for motors?

Thank you for sharing!

35€ for both rear and front ??

They look to be evolve front truck clones. I haven’t found any with motor mounts yet.

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Yes. For both.

I use this mount for my trucks and it will also work with the new ones

Just before I put the screws in I use some strong metal glue inside the holes which spread between the axle and the inner ring and stays all firmly tight together

Ah, yeah, upon closer inspection, these hangers are not like evolves. More like the standard chinese paris clone profile, although these must taper a bit more to fit those mounts.

Be careful on those guys. I don’t like to look at my 205mm chinese hangers too funny, but that doesn’t stop me from riding them.

is there an English version of taobao ? can’t understand shit :joy:

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CHrome has built in translator

I’m planning to buy this. Is there support for dual 6374 setup with 97mm wheels ?

Have you thought about battery enclosure ? I can’t find anything suit my build on taobao :joy:

I use this as my battery enclosure and some carbon fiber Film to make it look nice ! For the motor mount I modified the version you see in the first post so I can install it in reverse without the motors touching the board.

【塑料花盆托盘地面长方形接水托底盘防止花盆漏水超大托盘多肉底托】https://m.tb.cn/h.eow0tUr?sm=5a2537 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或椱ァ製这段描述€jyR8YLopTab€后到👉◇綯℡寳👈



Beautiful! Thanks a lot :laughing: maybe I could use that to make a mold for composite enclosure :sunglasses:

Im starting to make upgraded 63xx motor holders for those mounts… If interested PM.

I’m tryna order these trucks but I can’t / don’t know how to enter an American shipping address on the TaoBao website. If anyone can help me order that would be great :slight_smile:

If you cant find use taobao dhgate is a english alternative. Shipping from taobao can be expensive to western countries. These will fit dickyho paris mounts… https://m.dhgate.com/product/1year-warranty-9-25inch-double-floor-longboard/480080614.html


I design and use this simple motor holders and so far no problems. Steel is very strong and 4mm until now havent failled on me. And the good feature is that you can slide your motor left and right and adjust it with a wider range of belt sizes. You also have the 4mm hole for the support bar or how you call it. You can also just laser/water cut it, i guess it would be cheaper to build.

I can send you my IPT files. Just message me your e-mail.


Hello Movation,

Those trucks look good but they are much shorter.

I dont know 235mm just for the hanger add 60 to 80mm extra for axel and thats geting close to 305mm

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Yes your are right :grin::grin:

Thanks for sharing this link. Have you tried the dickyho mounts with the trucks? If not, have you read/heard good things about them with the trucks? I’m interested in getting the trucks, but only if Dicky’s mounts work well with them. Also, do you know how one knows where on the truck to place the mounts? Its kind of a silly question, but i was wondering how you know if the trucks aren’t too far to the right or left