30q vs 35e for 12s4p?

Heyoooo As the title mentions, I’m building a 12s4p dual 6374 build and i still didn’t decide whether I should use the 30q or the 35e, I mean ok the 30q in a 12s4p configurations has 60a and with the 35e it only has 40a, will it be a noticeable difference? Like I mean will I take more advantage of the extra 20a or the extra mileage?

Depending on your riding style. For hard acceleration you want that extra 20A. If you ride aggressive range might not differ much, because you’re stressing the 35E more, they will heat up more and so on. It would be also safe to pull 80A from the 30Q pack, because this is just for seconds… not sure about the 35E…

I like to compare this range thing to cars: You can have a small economic car with a lot of range (35E) or you have a high powered one with higher consumption -> less range (30Q). But if you go to the max the small can do, consumption might be higher than the high power car because it is not stressed so much…


Then I guess 30q is the way cuz I thought the extra 2ah might give me a bit more range but I am the type that never leaves the gas so yea​:joy::joy:

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Most of the best battery builders went to the new builders forum already


I would ask over there

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Keen observation :+1:

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The 30Q cells we use are rated by the manufacturer for 15A, but they perform just as well as (or better than!) many 20A-rated cells so we usually run them as if they were 20A cells. So with that in mind, the 30Q pack has effectively double the potential discharge current of the 35E. You will get a little more range out of the 35E but personally if I wanted more range I’d just add another P group rather than compromise on discharge current.

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12s4p Q30 would be the beast.

also it will sag less so that slightly closes the effective range gap.

look into Wattage (power) and watt hours (energy)

40amps times 12s is about 2000w 1kw for each motor may be a little awkward for ur 6374s

(But still very powerful at 2kw.)

and bias time! i see people regret getting 35e’s i just seen it, but if you do your math and you like the range of the q30s then you should have no regrets

this is all very nuanced but if your looking for a push in any direction you know what we think.


Why are you doing propaganda? I mean you are free to go to that forum, why you don’t stay there? Or you just coming here to push people? Usually for the quality of all your post I rather prefer you to stay there. And mostly, just let people decide, that forum is not better than this one or another way around


30Q’s… Stick with what works and works perfectly. Also, you have to look at what they are actually made of as far as the batteries chemistry. Not just that 35 is higher than 30.

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It is objectively better because it’s supported by the community. This forum’s sole purpose is to push enertion’s agenda. Do you really want to start this debate here?


No, absolutely I don’t want to have any discussion with you or anyone, if you think that forum is better let the people flow where the good things are, don’t push them to go, just that.

If you are right, then people will go there anyways, is no needed propaganda right?


I have a 10S6P 35E pack with about 4000 km on it, self built. I have limited my continuous battery limit total 34A on my dual VESC setup. Plenty of acceleration, but noticeable warming up at max speed prolonged running. Current build max speed is about 33km/h and it can do it for the whole discharge period, but will be warm enough that I let it cool down first before charging. I would estimate the average power to be about 400 W. I get about 44km of range under normal use, but can stretch it to a bit over 50km with aerodynamic clothing and gear. I would be interested in building an identical pack, but with 30Qs instead to get apples to apples comparison (heating vs. range).

That’s my 2 cents.

https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words/2992/5596 https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words/2992/5699

I’ll log my work-to-home trip (~12.2 km) on my metr and post a thermal image of the pack after the ride.

EDIT: Here’s my trip to home. Took the scenic route home instead of the normal straight route.




Thats a really detailed and great comment thanks :pray:t2: yea it would be great to know what advantages each one has over the other

30Q will heat up less than the 35E, so you can push higher power (higher speeds) for longer time, but due to storing less energy will shorten your max range especially, if you’re riding at higher speeds, due to higher aerodynamic losses.

So higher maintained power vs. longer range

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Naaah I don’t wanna have the risk of my board heating up cuz I’ll be stressing the fuck out of it with the AT setup I’ll be having