30q vs vtc-6 money isn’t an issue

I can’t decide which to go with. It seems that overall more people are using 30Q, but vtc-6s are slightly better, though with less testing and info that I can find on them.

The only con of the vtc-6 is that their lifespan may be less than the 30Q? Can anyone verify this?

Anyone have experience with both?

Copy that. Thanks.

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Go for the the lghg6 cell then

What size pack are you planning to make and what sort of build are you planning to use it in

I was hoping for something between a 10s6p and a 10s10p but whatever can get me maximum range. It’s a trampa deck, trucks and wheels with dual belt 6374 190kv motors.

If you’re going for a fairly large pack, consider going with Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA cells. Their discharge rate isn’t quite as good as the other two cells but this is less of an issue with larger packs.

They do however have greater capacity and use a particularly good chemistry that should give you plenty of cycles. I’ve just built a 10S9P pack with them for a Trampa build which I’ve designed to be able to ride mostly on mountain bike tracks