32 Tooth Pulley for Clone Wheels

Hey There, I’ve created a pulley that can work with Abec11 clone wheels with the thicker hubs for the Evolve Carbon and Bamboo GT. It was created using this as a basis: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1912382

Let me know if you are interested in the .stl file or if you would like me to print them out of nylon for you. I have been using these for about 200 miles and show very little signs of wear.

FYI these are true 32 tooth pulleys where Evolve’s are actually 33 tooth.


How much if you print it out mate?

I don’t know…$20 for two, plus shipping?

I’m interested in the .stl file. Would I still have to cut that small piece off the trucks?

These were made specifically for the Evolve Gt trucks. They would require cutting on normal trucks. No idea how much, though.

could you please send the .stl file it would be great if I could use it. @mccloed Thanks in advance.

Can I buy a set from you. ASAP please