🔫 $33 Group buy PART 2 - 2.4Ghz mini remote 10plus people - For those that missed it the orginal group buy

Same details but only ten for the stragglers that are interested

$33 bucks plus shipping

Let me know

I’m in for one. Thanks.

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@Michaelinvegas I might want one to mess with. I’ve tested it out using the steering for thumb throttle. I have big hands so it’s comfortable that way and I’m a lefty so it’s perfect. I’m going to give it to a buddy of mine and see if he can make the trigger a deadman switch for me then fab the wheel a bit to make it look and feel better. My question is would you be able to ship it with my enertion stuff when it comes in. Can you hold onto either/or until you have it all?

Thanks eh!

** edit ** gotta watch the spring back if you let go to quickly it will tap the brake on you. Just wanted to add that incase someone try’s it.

Wow how’d you do the steering wheel as throttle? Easy? Lefty too. Finally we get a break.

@Hummie Just use channel one. Note the edit above too.

It would be cool if someone could print something to fit instead of the wheel. I have nothing but dremels and hacksaws :slight_smile:

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Occationally, if you look on taobao and such you can get these for slightly cheaper.

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Wow! How do you know? I am wondering why hobby king doesn’t already have them.

Yep, you can get them fairly cheap but it’s usually not worth because of importation and such. Will generally end up costing similar prices.

I can.but I think the Enertion order is coming today and I need get that sorted out for you guys

Wow like to fuck up and confuse people on group buys huh ?

@NAF an @Chris1. Are you guys interested

? not trying to convince people not to buy, this group buy is hands down the easiest way to get a remote, I even bought one from the last group buy.

I get it @michaeld33 Tao bao is not the easiest to maneuver … So best left to the cheese speakers…and to figure out the import issues …

And mate … Totally aware

No one cares stop putting this on every group buy

I haven’t put this on a single group buy prior. Why does it matter to you. You don’t have to buy it. This forum is meant to share information.

I’m not even the one selling it. It’s not like I’m making money off it.

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information that everyone knows

Reign it in @michaeld33 you’ve already posted another remote on this thread and basically said you can get it cheaper … Not cool to put on a group buy thread … Especially mine …don t appreciate it … You wanna discuss PM me


@Michaelinvegas Yes, I’m in for one.

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No problemo, I need another @torqueboards motor and esc anyways. I can pick one up there. Really appreciate what your doing too. Thanks.

Waiting on the remotes for the other group buy… And recovering from the Enertion group buy

Anyone else … Looking to score remotes?.