35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD*

Paid. Did your request account for the paypal fees? If not, let me know if anything more is needed. Thanks again.

Don’t worry, I included PayPal fees :slight_smile:

Paid!! Excited to try this out!

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Id like to buy 1 mount

Hi, Just fill in a google form :slight_smile:

Some shots


Money sent

Mounts are dispatched for guys who payed yesterday. I will send you tracking numbers. @Ubbiedude Payment received, I will dispatch your mount tomorrow. Still waiting payments from: @MontPierre @Goofycat @Jammeslu

Received my tracking number. Thanks.

Sweet thanks you

just a quick question, what with caliber 2 trucks are you using?

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

How to mount it properly? You will need:

1. Take the ring 2. Find the best spot 3. Push the ring like in the picture so it sits in place 4. Take your mount and hand tighten the bolts. Set wanted angle and align mount with the ring. 5. Take your 10mm wrench and tighten one bolt a little bit and then the other. Reapet this till all bolts are tightened properly. 6. Mount your 63mm motor. And you’re done!


don´t forget loctite!

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these look reallllllllyyyy niceee and tough… the price is amazing as well… so back to the calibur truck question, there 45degree trucks and 50degree calibur trucks, dont think the angle makes a difference, is that what ubbiebro was asking about?

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Thank you, actually these trucks have the same profile. The only difference is angle but you can freely adjust the angle of mount. So it is not a problem :slight_smile:

have you had anyone try these on torqueboard’s 218mm trucks, apparently the hangar is just a bit larger than normal calibers. is the adapter ring malleable enough deviate just a little?

whatever, ordered two.

Do you still have some in stock for shipping? Also, what 36T/15T 270mm set up do you recommend (or have on your board!)

@thisguyhere I don’t know if the adapter ring fits torqueboards trucks. But you cuold give me dimensions, so I will say @gliz5714 Yes, stock is full. I’m running 36T/15T 270mm mono drive with sk3 192kv motor and 15mm wide pulleys. It is a good choice :+1: