35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD*

Where did you get the pulleys from? I like your set up! I’ll be putting in an order for the mount once I’m in front of a computer!

E: just submitted. Look forward to seeing these in action!

No prob, submitted form for two, let me know how to pay.

I bought pulleys and belts from ebay. My wheel pulley is modified:

I will send you paypal requests in few minutes.

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Pmt sent!

Where u shipping from just curious.

Payment received, dispatching tommorow! From Lithuania. I guess it takes about 2 weeks till it reach your destination.

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Sounds good, no rush.

Good job on the mounts they look great.

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Paid - Thanks! Look forward to getting it in!

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do you have a link to it? Something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Skateboard-Longboard-Kit-Pulleys-And-Motor-Mount-per-80mm-Wheel-OS914-/222562707908?hash=item33d1c569c4:g:5JkAAOSwhgJZXzpq

Which 3D file did you use for the printed adapter?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/HTD-5M-36T-16mm-Pitch-5mm-Timing-Belt-Drive-Pulley-36-Teeth-CNC-5mm-20mm-Bore-/262649791707?var=&hash=item3d2725c4db:m:mVEp31g6TVVAe88wnEyEoSg http://www.ebay.com/itm/HTD-5M-15T-16W-5-6-6-35-8-10mm-Bore-Pitch-5mm-Timing-Belt-Drive-Pulley-15-Tooth-/252402866384?var=&hash=item3ac46218d0:m:mqPLXSwNb81pLApP7iWEZCw


I modified one of the juniorpotato pulley designs. I have stl file, pm me if you need.

Will do, thanks!. Hows it held up over time?

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Just submitted an order.

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@navgor It helds up perfectly. I have tried plastic pulley, but it worns out very quickly. The belt works like a sander :smiley: @NAT-Frank I have just sent you PayPal request.

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Payment sent yesterday

Your order is dispatched. I have sent you pm message

Mount came in the mail today

Thanks @laikiux


Nice photo. I will use it in the main post :smiley:

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14 sets are still in stock. Today’s offer: Order 2 mounts and get free shipping!

got mine in the mail today, took 8 days for delivery from europe to los angeles, not bad.

these mounts are actually beautiful, especially paired against the bare metal trucks.

i can confirm the ring does NOT fit TB’s 218mm caliber clones. the hanger diameter is about 1mm larger. suppose if you bent the ring out a bit it would…

can’t wait to try these out!


Jealous! Mine is in NYC :cry: - only 900 miles away. Come to Papa!