35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD*

Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Quick hand tightened test fit! Stil waiting for bms and batteries. Any recommendations on pulleys and belts?


Thanks man! Super nice.


how thick is the mount? Thanks

12mm and 6mm in the end

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Mine where shipped on 28.07 to Israel, they’re waiting for me in the postal office now. 5 days to ship. God bless Lithuania Post.

Will update with pictures when I get them.



Suggestion: check if the truck clamp part is the same size as what APS sell, they make what appear to be interchangeable rings for different trucks like Paris


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Awesome mount. Thanks again!

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Was there a verdict on whether APS rings worked with these mounts?

Where did you get your pulleys with the holes that match up with the Kegels?

It is modified.

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can’t help but to come back and stare at your mounts =)

Thanks for the mount. It finally arrived at my door yesterday. The wait was worth it as the mount works perfectly. Thanks for setting up and organizing the group buy. Well done!

Hi guys, maybe some of you are interested in buying some motor mounts? The price would be LOWER! Only 30€/36$ for one set. PLEASE VOTE IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED

  • Interested in one set
  • Interested in two sets

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I am interested, but when do you maybe start to sell them?

I will start selling them only when there will be 20 interested people.

And if there are 20 people when do you start shipping? Or must you start making the mounts first?

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I hope more people look at these mounts, they look legit

Hey @laikiux, do you think you could make a clamp that will fit the new 218mm Torque Board truck ?