~35$ CNC Motor Mount for Caliber

Hey, laikiux is back :slight_smile: Had a pleasure making and selling these awesome motor mounts https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/35-40-cnc-motor-mount-sold/24801


  • Aircraft grade 6082 aliuminium alloy.
  • Trucks: Caliber Center distance: 65-75mm
  • Plate height: 12mm
  • Compatible with 63xx motors
  • Compatible with 9,12 and 15mm wide pulleys
  • It is perfect for 36T/15T 270mm belt length setup. The mount is tested and it works great!

Now I’m back with a little bit cheaper price.

  • It would be 30€ or 35$ for a full set.
  • Shipping to Eu – 5€ or 6$ Shipping to US (or other Countries) – 6€ or 7$ +Small PayPal fee

Let me see if you are intrested in buying some mounts and making great electric skateboards :wink:

  • Interested in one set
  • Interested in more than one set

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Post this on forum.


Still rocking mine, second picture in your post. And it hasn’t failed me yet :ok_hand:

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They look great @laikiux. What trucks are compatible? When are you planning to deliver them?

Thanks, Néstor

Caliber trucks. I will start producing mounts if there is enough people interested :wink: