$350 Esk8 Build

Hi guys,

Sorry it took me so long to finally make the build thread for my first build. Since this is my first build i wanted it to be as cheap as possible while being reliable and easy to use. The total cost fro the build was around $350 AUD. The top speed is around 22kmh and has a range of about 10km. The board isn’t super fast as I plan to upgrade to 10s later on.

The motor I used for the build was a 190kv Keda brushless outrunner from HobbyKing. It was about $65. It’s a 6364 motor and has plenty of torque. I could have gone for a higher kv to increase speed but as i already said I will probably upgrade to 10s.

The drive kit I used is this one. It is from Ebay and cost me $27 at the time. It was a pain in the ass to get working as i need to re-drill the holes to fit my wheels from Enertion. I secured it to the wheels with M4 bolts. To make sure the pulley was perfectly centred I have super glued a bearing into the middle as they fit perfectly. I then just placed two spacers onto the axle to make sure the belt doesn’t hit the wheel. (If you do this you will need to grind down the truck about and inch or two so the pulley can go on, the same as with the Enertion pulley). The kit comes with a motor mount which is actually not too bad once epoxied in place and bolted on tight.

I used two 3s lipos connected in parallel and they are connected to a 120amp Xcar beast esc from HobbyKing. I have had nothing but trouble with one of my lipos because at the start I accidentally shorted it and broke one of the connections. I have fixed this for the moment with some solder but I will get a new battery soon.

The switch I made my self and its basically just a switch from an old computer with a smaller switch and resistor connected in parallel.

The last main part of this is the remote. As it was a budget build i went for the cheapest I could find, which was really stupid in the end. I brought a rocksta remote from HobbyKing which is used for rock crawlers. it turns out it doesn’t have a normal receiver chip because it is for brushed motors. luckily I was able to open it up and rewire it so it sent the trigger signal to the servo out put pins on the receiver, it just doesn’t have brakes. I ended up cutting it down to a smaller size and adding a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

I also added a cheap battery checker that i plug into the charging port when I am riding. This also stops dirt getting in the plug.

Thank you to all of the people on this forum that have helped me and given me inspiration for my build



Hey, I’m really impressed with the board, especially considering the price. Can you tell me what size motor the one you used is? After googling it i think its 63mm but I wanted to ask, just to make sure because I didn’t realize those motor mounts would work with a motor that size

Hi, yes it is a 63mm motor. it can be found on Hobbyking under Keda 190kv. I’m glad you like it although it has now been put onto my penny board so I can use that deck for a new build. I would recommend a higher voltage if you are looking for more speed

Do you have a build thread for the penny board? I’m thinking about trying to make a nickel board build and the more information i have before i pull the trigger the better :sweat_smile:

Well it’s actually exactly the same as this board. I just put it in a different enclosure. I can pm you some pics if you would like

That’d be great actually! thank you!