36T 12mm Kegel Pulley STL Or Step Files | LINK IN COMMENTS

Anyone got these files to share? I’ve only been able to find 9mm and 15mm. Happy to share those in exchange.

Thanks T

I have a file I made at work that I’ve been using for a 9mm that I can adjust for a 12 mm there is second file that is the front mating file that provides a flat surface for the heads of the screws. The screws shown are M6 but I switched to 10-24x2" because it was a much better fit. Do you want a flange on the inside face of the pulley to keep the belt from drifting towards the trucks? I’ll swing by and make the changes later today if that works for you. Pictures for reference below.


DUDE. that’d be killer. Thank you for offering. And yes please to all of the above! I really dig the flange idea, yes sir and thank you! Would you be willing the share the step files after you modify it as well? Just in Case!


Also-- do you make the pulley slightly larger than 12mm (or 9 in your case) to accommodate the belt size or is the actual belt size smaller than advertised?

Additionally- since it sounds like you’re already rocking this situation- did you need to file down the Callibers at all to avoid screw contact?

YEAH! no problems with that. Also, these files require no modifications to the trucks themselves, it’s just put on and go. I know other wheel mounted pulleys require shaving off a part of the trucks. I’ll swing by work in a few hours. And the pulley component itself is 1 mm larger than the belt to allow for clearance and issues print quality issues.

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Dope dude. Where do I mail this case of beer? :slight_smile:

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Yeah I downloaded a caliber model from GrabCad which was spot on for most dimensions but I did have to tweak it a little. The 2 inch 10-24 machine screws clear the trucks when mounted with the mating file. Any longer and you’d risk having the screws catch on the trucks. I’be just made my first board and I havent had any issues with this iteration of pulley.

No beer necessary man! I’ve just found this place and it’s an amazing community, glad to be a part of and contribute.

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If there are flanges on the Motor Gear ,…no flanges needed on wheel gear !

Sweet pulley :slight_smile: Are you uploading to thingiverse?

Yeah I’m just uploading now though I never actually had an account before so it’s saying I have to wait 24 hours to upload. Since I’ve got the time, I’ll make Steps and STLs for the 9mm, 12mm and 15mm belt options and have to post the link tomorrow.

Edit: Any other common pulley sizes for drive wheels that people use? 34,35,37,38? I could make those as well and just do a mass upload?

Dude, this is great. Thanks so much.

@Randyc1 do you think that extra flange will cause any unwanted friction/resistance?

The flange doesnt really come into contact all that often once the pulleys are aligned, there’s clearance around the belt. It’s just a nice to have, also it’s only just slightly larger than the pulley itself as it serves as a way to protect the teeth while removing off the print bed. Picture for reference.


As long as the Motor gear is alinged to center of wheel pulley it should be fine .

This will be on Thingiverse later today but until then, here’s a link to google drive @t1m0007 https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-ZEhiIiyjGrc2hNd3lkV216cVU&usp=sharing

15mm belt version will be on Thingiverse later as I didnt model it yesterday so I’ll do that today

Is this pulley avalivble to get or buy?

I can’t actually print these myself, I have access to a printer at work and I pulled a few favours to get them printed for myself. But if someone else has the means that would be great to know!

Files are on Thingiverse now. 15mm belt with will be added shortly

EDIT : 36 Tooth HTD5 15mm belt width is now available


Thanks again for this dude!

Happy to help @t1m0007