36T Orangatang Wheel Pulley Bundle

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Okay so technically not Used parts here (They are brand new). But listing them at Used Prices.

We finally got these bad boys in and wanted to throw them up on here while we are running our sale, so everyone on here that’s needs a few pulleys can pick some up and save a few bucks. We really want to shoot for low prices. Pulleys seem to be a little more expensive than they need to be.

Finally got our Aluminum 36T 15mm Wide Orangatang Wheel Pulleys in. Nothing you guys haven’t seen before, but we feel like the price is much better than typically seen.

For $30 you’ll get the following:

  • 36T Wheel Hub
  • Wheel Retainer
  • 5 M4x55 Bolts
  • 16T 8mm Bore Motor Pulley W/ Set Screws
  • 265mm Belt


Again nothing new about this product except for the price.

You can get them here:

Have any feedback? Please let us know!

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Might have to jump on these


what makes these any better than every other generic o’tang wheel pulley out there?

The price.

It’s a bundle

Torqueboards sells the same bundle exactly but not for the same price

How about selling just the wheel pulleys separately? A lot of us are flush with belts and motor pulleys already, or don’t need/want to run that motor pulley/belt combo.

is there a dif in quality?

I don’t think so, imo a aluminum pulley is a aluminum pulley, but I could be wrong

The Pulley is available separately on the website now :+1:t2:


I bought some @MBoards shipped them within a few days . using them on cagauma’s no issues.

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