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36V 10S Electric Skateboard Battery | SPACE CELL

The NEW Enertion S.P.A.C.E Cell Electric Skateboard battery is the thinnest & most powerful battery on the market to date


*United States Dollars is based at conversion rate 23/07/2015 from $415AUD to USD




Building your own electric skateboard has never been easier.

This is more than just a battery, the Enertion S.P.A.C.E CELL is an all-in-one integrated solution for DIY builders.

This product has built-in Voltage Dispaly, Built-in On / Off switch, Built-in Easy Charge port, Built-in Battery Managment System.

The pack has a massive 270Wh of power which will offer approximatley 1.5hrs run time on a dual motor eboard.

> BMS is rated to peak output of 60AMP which is ample for use on electric skateboards. This pack is for motors of 2400W or less.

> The Charge time is 3-4 hours & the charger is light & compact so easy to carry.

> The battery is 10S3P meaning it has a total of 30 Cells, 3 Parallel groups of 10 cells in series.  

> Battery Chemistry is Li-ion NMC

> The Pack is 270Wh based on 36V nominal voltage. Approximately 1.5hrs run time on Dual motor Eboard.

> Total weight is only 1.8kg

> Dimension of 380mm X 140mm X 23mm

> Mains fast charger is 100-240v compatible & outputs 42v at 2A.



Really like this new super-flat Li-Ion battery. I really find superior in many aspects than LiPo solutions. The energy density is unbeatable and now the costs make the best choice. Just I wonder what cells are inside? :smile:
Is there planned a 10s4p for the future?
And NCA cells also for the future?
Thanks for sharing!

Hey Nobuo,

This current batch is using LG he2 depending on market prices & cell availability we may switch between using that cell & The Samsung 25r. The configuration will remain the same in 10S3P as we are building a system around this form factor. 10S4P in my opinion becomes slightly too long and forces the rider into using longer wheelbase decks.

We are developing a “booster” pack option, probably a 10S1P &/or 10S2P modules that sit on top of the deck in a discrete aluminium housing & plug directly it into the SPACE Cell boosting your Amp Hours by 30% to 60% more…

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I say you switch to Samsung 25R. LG cells are good but the Samsung 25R seem to be a much better chemistry.

Sweet packs! Gotta get me some of my own! lol

25R performance is basically identical to he2

Also my supplier has a good deal on he2 now. Good prices and good consistant supply.

25R supply is sketchy at times causing price spikes.

I am used to wait a lot for things to arrive when I order parts from around the world, but I have to admit that the SPACE Cell shipment was the fastest ever!

It took only 3 days for an oversea shipment with DHL Express and tax handling was covered too. Given the fact that shipment costs are included in the price of the battery this is just amazing!


It really is a good deal and greatly simplifies the entire build and user experience. I’ll most likely be using these in all but my most exotic builds because it eliminates the cost of the charger while providing plenty of power for both speed and range, placing the resulting eboard build in a very cost effective yet high performance niche. The deck i’m in the process of putting together was designed around its measurements: plenty of wheelbase and a nice wide flat spot on the bottom.

My only complaint (and really its not much of one) with the space cell is the number of options you have for power display, power switch, and charge port placement. Its precisely two unless you hack the pack to break everything out for case mounting. However, I don’t see that there’s really any solution to this and the way it is currently set up is as optimal as we can hope for given what it is. I suppose you could have ports on the pack and keep the switch, plug, and display as separate components, but that would just add to the cost of the product which works very well as is.

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I agree… The custom pack offers tremendous benefits :grinning:

Simplifies the build tremendously.

How does the space cell handle board flex? Since the space cell is large in surface area it would take up most of the bottom of the deck, how would you mount it on a decently flexy deck?

It is not designed to flex!

Rigid boards only.

Why is it the on/off button and charging port located at the bottom of the pack?
Wouldn’t had been safer to build them on the side, so less exposed?
Has anyone experienced any of those issues?
Is there any way to change that configuration?
My concern is that those 2 are really exposed to rocks, water and who knows what else while riding,
Thank you in advance

i had the same questions. But if you look at the way @onloop has his configured in his carbon fiber deck it sort of makes more sense. He flipped the battery over and drilled holes in his lid so that the power switch, port, and meter are exposed on the top and not the bottom.

Of course that doesn’t help the rest of us with regular decks. My plan is to hack the pack a little and break out the volt meter, switch, and charge ports so i can mount them in the more usual locations: on the outside of the box where i can see them and use them without cracking open the box all the time.

I like the idea of the volt meter peeking up through the deck where I can see it while riding though, so I may do that at some point. Somehow.

…that makes total sense, I wasn’t aware of his carbon-fiber deck configuration till now.
That would be nice, if you were able to hack the pack a bit and move those ports around, also
having the volt meter on top would be a big plus. I though about some of those led meters, they are smaller and flatter of a normal voltage meter, so easy to stick on top of the deck, just drill a small hole for the wires and thats it.

I would prefer that the buttons, meter, and charging port were dongled using connectors and not wrapped into the pack, personally. I should be able to put those wherever I want. I still prefer the side of the box for charge ports and power buttons.

Totally agree with you man, since is all about DIY, that should be the way to do it.
BTW do you know anyone else building those type of battery packs or similar item?

The downside to not keeping it all in one is you wouldn’t be able to maximize space but then again maybe, you can. lol

I had to take apart my first space cell to figure out what was wrong with it- you can see its really easy to seperate the display and power button from the main pack

Yeah basically what @longhairedboy said.

The components are actually on the top of the battery. However you can install anyway you want.

I personally think there should be no open holes or parts beneath any esk8 deck…too much gunk gets splattered up from the ground.

I could seperate those components into a seperate unit that is tethered to the battery by a single cable with a plug on the end. Then you could mount it anywhere on the deck. But it would end up making the total pack price rise by $60 or $70

If anything I probably need to make my products cheaper… not more costly.

Soon I will have a range of wood & carbon decks in different shapes and sizes (I currently sell the carbon deck seperatley too) that have a special components housing built into it. I am working hard to keep the prices low so it is a viable choice to pair it with other enertion components.

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You know I vaguely recall having this discussion before somewhere and thinking that it would raise the price. I’m glad you confirmed that. Also, it seems dead easy to DIY it, so why not?

@cmatson nice pics!

Is that the SPACE from enertion??? does it comes whit that voltage display???
That’s sweet!!! I wouldn’t ever imagined that it was so easy to open and break apart…
Big :+1: :+1: :+1: for TheSPACE!!!