36v 10s2p 5.2ah battery -- fits Meepo/Wowgo/Ownboard/Backfire -- etc

10s2p 5.2ah

Maybe 5 miles of use on the battery.

Used for my first build, which I quickly upgraded to and built a battery myself that would fit a different enclosure.

Fits wowgo/meepo and all those that use that size battery back, or custom build of your own. This is an upgraded battery since they typically come with 4.4ah batteries.

I can also include a JST connector and wired charging port with a pigtail that you can solder onto your own charger.

$85 Shipped.

Pics Item location What cells are used

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Wondering this as well

Theyre 2600mah LG cells from what I could find, m26 maybe? not really sure.

Im in San Diego. Ill get a pic up soon.

Where did you buy the pack? It might give us all the information someone might need

Btw not interested since I am not in the US

I purchased it from wowgo, but its no longer on their site.

pics added to first post.

Iā€™m interested. Is it still available?

yes, it is.

Cool. I would like to grab it.

SOLD to @jenhiro

Battery shipped out today.

someone would have a picture of a 4.0Ah battery? Thanks