36v esc 48v batter

Im planning on using a 36 v esc paired with a 48v li ion. the battery has a 41v discharge cutoff. will this work or fry my esc?

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Max voltage on a 36v system is 42v, you’d absolutely ruin the esc. 36v is also called 10s, so you want a 10s or less battery (48v is 13s and has a max charge of 54.6V)

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OK thank you so much, do you know where good places to buy batteries are, I checked mboards and they all seemed expensive.

What kind of capacity are you looking for? I know someone who might sell a 10s for cheap

But you don’t want to cheap out on this kind of stuff, if you get a shitty battery it could set your house on fire

What kind of capacity? I have 2 10s batteries for sale.

The one I was looking at was a 10s5p but I’m mostly looking for a battery that can support these motors/ESC. I’m not exactly sure what specs I need but I was looking for something with 10 ish ah.