37.8v 3a charger

Hello everyone,

I’m in the need of a charger suitable for a 9s battery pack (37.8v 3a). Preferably one with a smart charger.

Does anyone have one for sale? I’m in the UK and it’s proving very difficult to find a charger that’s suitable and can ship to me!

Thanks, Daniel

Do you need a bms, adaptor or both?


I’ve got a BMS already. See below. I’ll be using this for charge and discharge. https://eskating.eu/product/10s-bestech-bms-80a-10s4p/

Thanks for the link but why do all these charges take so long to arrive?


Because they ship from china. and the postal services they use are slow but cheap.

I think you can add like 2e for standard shipping on Ali, It’s a bit faster according to there shipping times.

Nightmare. If only there was a company in Europe that could provide the goods!

Not to worry. Thanks :slight_smile: