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| 37" Arbor Deck | Caliber II Trucks| Single R-Spec 190kv Motor | Enertion mount | Space Cell | Vesc | 2.4 Receiver |

Hi, I’ve been scrolling through the forum for awhile now and I finally got my parts in the mail yesterday. I am half way done but I am not sure how to connect my receiver to the Vesc(I dont think I have all the wires…)
This is all I have, can someone tell me what wire I need and where it goes. Thanks!

Also I got my Vesc from enertion, does anyone know if the are programmed to work with the R-Spec motors? or do I have to do it myself?

I’m pretty sure I know what I am doing, just not confident that everything isn’t going to blow up lol.

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if you got the VESC from enertion then it should be pre programmed fro the R-spec. as for the reciever you need a servo cable to connect it to the 3 pins sticking out of the lower left corner of the VESC.

You plug the connector into receiver and the three prongs sticking out toward the capacitor on the vesc.

The servo cable is male to male right?

its female to female the way I see it.

Servo wires refer to the casing instead of the actual connection pins and sockets. The casing is male so they are referred to as male even though the physical connector is a female type.

well that’s confusing.

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This should clear things up a little.

regardless of what they call it, I still see the pins as male and the holes as female.
I’m old school like that.

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You are correct. I see it that way too but you will have a hard time searching google for it otherwise.

well as it turns out, I’m incorrect.

but I’m happy to continue to be wrong on this one.

i feel that way too. On the bigger end one on the pic has the male end ( female to me) under the extra black housing over it on the one i got. Cut it off and snapped the pins inside and it looks just like the other end.

Dont forget to bind your receiver bruv. Youtube got tons of that. I don’t know what others opinion on binding, but my receiver without binding, is a bit different using the throttle. Normally, you can push the stick down or up to de/accelerate, but my experience without binding makes it de/accelerate using the direction wheel (circle knob). kinda weird but its okay now after binding. Basic RC.

@NIK What do you mean by binding the receiver ?

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Alright I got the servo cable and by following various tutorials online I tried binding my receiver to the transmitter, but it doesn’t work. The light on the receiver refuses to bind and doesn’t stop flashing, I’m at a loss can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Before u turn on the radio controller, did u push the pair/bind button at the transmitter and then u turn it on?. Or do u turn it on first and then press pair/bind?

I turned it on first then hit the pair button on the transmitter, I’ll try both ways a couple times more though.

Sorry @sgaana . I didn’t see your reply. Try searching on youtube of the how to bind RC controller. Short video can make u go long way. Btw @Fababuba , center the white ST.TRIM and TH.TRIM (the white round knob) on your transmitter before u turn it on. Lemme make it clear:

  1. Turn OFF everything
  2. Turn ON the SPACE CELL, and I assume it is well connected
  3. Put your BIND jumper key/wire on the BIND Channel and it will blink
  4. Push the PAIR/BIND button on the remote control while it is turn OFF
  5. Turn ON the remote controller

I did mine same as the steps and I use the same remote controller as yours. Almost as sleek as nunchuck. haha

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You’re a legend, it worked! Thanks I didn’t realize that you had to press and hold the pair button before turning on the controller.

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Glad I could help. WE E.SK8 BUILDERS ARE LEGEND. lel Have fun enjoy your ride.