39” single setup 6374 190kv with VESC and lipos, first build

Hello my names Connor *everyone else, hi Connor

I’m addicted to electric skateboards. Now I’m with my support group so I feel comfortable.

Im Canadian so if I say anything offensive I’m sorry

This is my first build and I started to realize how damn expensive it can be to build one… looked at buying one and soon came to realize anything that’s gonna pull my 200-215lbs is also damn pricey so the plan is to build it slowly so I started buying the deck and truck and wheels. Actually I bout some polycarbonate 12mm and cnc’d myself a pintail deck

It turned out way to flexy, I’ve grown to like that kinda sorta (still too much flex) but I wouldnt be capable of mounting anything.

I used this deck for about two months now taking my dogs out for walks (runs) which is awesome cause I’m getting used to that high speeds kinda lol I bet they get me going 20km/h or so and I do notice speed wobble but I ordered a new deck and I’ll be tightening my front bushing down hard or buying some harder bushings

I’ll be using caliber 2 10” trucks and I have a drop thru but I’ll probably bottom mount. I have a wedge spacer, a half inch spacer, and a 3mm spacer in case I need adjustments.

90mm Abecs. Awesome for going over rough roads.

Got all my xt90 connectors and 10awg wire to handle 90amp continuous (amass brand) all are antispark females cause they were cheap and I thought I mine as well use them on all connections .

Pic below is not mine but kind of my inspiration for my first build. Moto is back to the basics

I will be using the 6374 190kvbfrom diy electric and the motor clamp and pulley set. Considered getting the 15mm belt from this forum and machining my own clamp which I’m 100% capable of but I appreciate the fine detail and finish of diy electric’s clamp and it get me to the $300 with the motor and there VESC to qualify for free shipping which is nicer than shipping to the stated and going to grab it or paying $40 shipping to my door. Not sure if it counts for $300 Canadian cause I could probably opt out of that if it does. Damn dollar adds nearly $100 to that purchase alone! I really like the support they have which is another reason I want to buy my major components from them.

I’ll be using two 4000mah 5s batteries in series and using a balance charger to balance both seperately cause I don’t want all the extra cables and I want to order a second balance charger to just do both at once to speed things up. I really like lithium’s but it’s a matter of me not wanting to invest all that mulah and have to resort to soldered connections or paying to get it done where as I can get acceptable range and speed from lipos. Also feeling very confident on my knowledge of lipos that I’m not particularly worried about there defaults . I may add a bms which in my opinion is fine. Only thing is u should make sure your cells are balanced and stay rather balanced cause the bms doesn’t do an amazing job at balancing as a proper balance charger will (discharge rates) I’ll probably add that after winter, use a 100amp I’m thinking. Also want to add a second 6374 190kv after winter to compensate the high amps and fine my more torque.

Enclosure will just be a cheap Tupperware and I’ll set my voltage end to 3.3 volts( cells rarelly go beyond .2 anyways and I’ll be balancing seperately giving my the advantage of knowing my batteries deep down to there deepest darkest secrets)

The gearing I think I wanna do a 14/36 ratio cause my wheels are big and I’m heavy but I don’t wanna go above 36for the wheel to keep the size down and don’t wanna go down on the motor side cause that just increases chance of belt slip.

Remote: well I ordered the winning but I may use my huge clunker from my rc car I it give my trouble. Looking for suggestions for replacements if the winning doesn’t work well enough . *fingers crossed

I don’t think I missed anything. Scrutinize away my friends and suggestions are very welcome. All my knowledge is theoretical rather than practical cause I haven’t done any builds yet so if I’m ignorant just know it was intended .



I like the idea of simply using PC for a deck, it’s a shame it didn’t work out :smiley:

I’m roughly the same weight as you and i’m using a SK3 6374 168kv with 12:48 gearing on 10S so i’d suggest to get a little more on the torque side but that’s up to you.

Tbh I may still try again . A few things I could change it I tried but I think thats a future project . This is Mach 1 and ya I was gonna try and give it more torque but to stay in the 6374 size diyelectic.com limits me to lowering my kv or pulley ratio but… I may not be ordering everything tho. Might go hobby king in which case I can get a lower kv. May I ask wat width and where u got your pulleys from?

I use 15mm belts and slippage is no problem when everything is tightened up. I got my motor pulley from esk8.de and the wheel pulley from zahnriemen24.de so I had to diy my way around.