3D Model Motor Mount. What do you guys think?

I made a 3D model of the motor mount that we are using on the board with the motor below. Do you guys think this simplistic design will be sufficient enough?

Note- We are planning on making the motor mount with an accessible metal on campus. We are not necessarily planning on 3D printing it unless you think it might be a good idea?

Follow this link to check out the mount in 3D online! Motor Mount 3D Model Motor

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Are you going to weld it? if so, should be fine.

If you are using 6061 ou 7075 aluminum you can make it thinner, more than 8mm and you should be good

Make a notch no the screw slots so the top of the screw gets coplanar with surface would allow the pulley to get closer to the mount reducing bending moment on the motor axle and easing the load on the bearings

But if you are going to weld, keep in mind that the heat reduces the material strength a lot, and 7075 is prone to micro cracking if not heat treated