3D Modeling / CAD - Here to Help!

Hey everyone,

During the day I work as a product expert for a 3D design tool that’s actually free for hobbyists / enthusiasts, teaching people what’s possible with the software, and helping individuals with projects. I’ve noticed there’s a fair amount of interest in 3D Printing / CNC-ing parts, but this requires skills in 3D modeling.

I’d be more than happy to teach folks how to design their own parts in 3D - I just need to know what you’re looking to design! If anyone has anything in mind that they’d like to learn, give me a shout, and I’ll make it happen.

Here to help!


I want to learn

What is the exact name of the program?

And what tool is that praytell?

Found ya.

Fusion360 FTW! Good to see Autodesk here. Maybe you can talk to Carl about sponsoring the esk8 convention…


Really interested in Creating a 3D Design for bashguards for my board ! Either the type that extends over the edge or ones that overlapes the edge it self

Yay. Beginner over here

Fusion 360 is the program I use for 99% of my projects.


I like the idea of modeling a 3D printing a bash guard! I’ve also been thinking about showing the steps to create a Timing Pulley.

When my build progresses, I was thinking of documenting the process of designing, CNC, and vacuum forming a custom enclosure.


That would be awesome! I really want to start using the CAM functionality, but I’m stuck on using CAMBAM for everything because that’s what I’m comfortable with.

Started using 123D, then moved onto Inventor Fusion now using Fusion360. Autodesk is the bees knees, and I preach it to my students whenever I get the chance.


Here, I need to learn how to 3D model. Got two ideas; First, to 3D my conformal battery enclosure which will be detachable like a combat aircraft ammunitions store. Second, I want to create either a full wide footstop or an integral, 5 in 1, front end footstop sleeve (it will fit thru the forward deck neck like wearing a T-shirt thru your head) which will incorporate front lights, voltmeter, speedometer and battery indicator, all in one piece.

I assume you have some FEA knowledge too? Could you help out setting up a stress analysis for a truck hanger. I am particularly interested how to constrain the bloody thing.

Id like to make some sort of remote holder to go on the bottom of the deck when I carry it. Also wheel splash guards.

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Fusion 360 is the best hands down :smiley:

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i am (and will always be) an Inventor fanboy

Fusion 360 sucks!


Ah shut up greco Inventor is literally almost the same when you look at it lol :joy:

I don’t see anyone offering to tutor people in Inventor :smile:

I love fusion. Using it non stop for my 3d prints and other designs. I have a question though. I thought the only free option was a 3 year license for students. What’s with this

I’m hugely interested because I wad kind of scared the 3 year period would arrived. Already burned 2 years.

Anyhow.I’m going to be abusing your knowledge generosity. Thank you very much

i’ll tutor you in inventor :wink:

Fusion 360 is certainly different. I have to admit that I like the thermal/mechanical stress analysis package but that’s about it. For everything else I use Inventor (which is not harder to learn). And I hate that everything ends up somehow in the cloud!

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Nah it really isn’t that much harder to learn Inventor, I just prefer the layout of Fusion better. However, I personally like that it is in the cloud because then I can switch seamlessly from my laptop to desktop, and even across Windows and Mac, taking my personal settings wherever I want.

@krloz - in addition to our student offering, there’s a 1-year license for Startups / Enthusiasts. Here is more information on the startup license. The license can be renewed every year : )

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