3D modeling software

Hey I’m bumping this thread (I thought there was a more recent one but whatever)

Do some of you guys use iPad pro for 3d modeling?

Serious question here as I’m about to buy a new gear and I’ve heard of Onshape and Shapr3d today.

I’m considering getting a full fledged MSI GS73 8 series i7-8750h + gtx1070 and load it with Solidworks / Catia (works good for me) but well, I just randomly tried the Apple pen with new iPad pro and wow this thing is actually super intuitive.

I already have a desktop at home for 3d stuff / VESC Tool / arduino thingies & a small Lenovo laptop for all the office work (which I share both with my wife).

I’m tired of being held back by not having my tools when I’m on the move, which has been my weekly routine for a while now. Also had a MSI GS70 previously, it cut to the job flawlessly but died in August after 5 years of loyal services.

So what do you think? IPad pro with Shaper or Onshape vs MSI GS mobile workstation?

Price isn’t the same of course as the iPad costs nearly half the price of the MSI.

Nobody who actually does serious professional 3d design would use an iPad. I think you will find it pretty difficult. I recommend getting the laptop.

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Fusion 360.its free for home use



If you want to do any serious modeling then this is the answer. Intuitive =/= unlimited. I haven’t found a single thing that I can’t do with SolidWorks (which to me is already very intuitive).

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Thanks for your quick replies guys.

I kinda have the same feeling than you @TowerCrisis as when you’re used to SW logic, yea it does wonders for me ; apart from the random memory overload crash when I forget to frequently save the part file, it is pretty solid and reliable.

Yet being able to craft workable designs on the go like I’d draw with a pencil on a notepad sounds crazy to me (specially if I can safely export the parts in usable formats when needed).

@Fiori I hear your recommendation and yea the laptop should fill the gap for my needs.

Still take a look at what shapr packs, & tell me if it really cannot be a “travel companion” cause I was surprised.

On a side note having SW on my laptop has proven to be useful when preparing parts with manufacturers. Not sure I’d be able to get the same thing with the iPad at all.

Edit : Sorry if my post seems confused : I know what I need & what I’ll see this for, that’s why at first I was dead set on the laptop (can’t skip the powerhouse in a letter post format).

And now silly me had to try this goddamn tablet with the goddamn pencil and I’m poking around to see if it can actually pack the juice or not. Feedback from the pen was crazy intuitive, hard not to think about it before making my choice.

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I’ve never tried Fusion 360 but heard a lot of good about it (notably it is very simple to use). But I’m used to SW, so it’s hard to switch cause I’m already comfy with its tools.

Edit : This one looks good! I might give it a try haha

Get Autodesk Inventor :grinning:

How does it work? Never tried it haha :beers:

Works like everything else. I’ve use Pro E Wildfire and Catia. Once you know how one works the switch ain’t be that difficult. I like it because I can download the entire thing + a wonderful simulation package basically for free.

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