3D Print tiny non-ESK8 part wanted

Is there someone in here that would be willing to print a part for me? It’s not skate related. Happy to compensate accordingly.

It’s a pair of switch covers. The letters on top I don’t care about. I can measure dimensions.

image image

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Where you located and what material do you want?

US, Indiana.

I don’t know my 3D plastics. Looking for something that will withstand a “push momentary on toggle” type of switch. The covers each fit over a pair of side by side metal toggle switches.

I can finesse the final fit and finish (including drilling the hole for the toggle lever), if need be.

I’m in the US too, I can take a shot at it. There’s a looot of print plastics out there, I usually just stick with ABS for durability. Shoot me some dimensions.

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Over at the


We can help ya

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That’s awesome! Will do. I get home from work Friday and will send something over the weekend. Thank you!

You already have an order placed with me. If you dont mind black pla, i can print it for cheap

I will need you to design it and supply a file though. I am not interested in doing cad work on commision

Thanks. I don’t know squat about CAD though.

Not to swipe this away from @Dirt_Bag, I don’t mind a bit of light cad work for a simple to make part. Just PM me measurements!

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Will do. Will be home Fri and send you measurements.

I’ve given @Dirt_Bag some of my green already, lol!

no worries, i would only be making a couple dollars anyway. commission cad work is def not my thing. i already sold him a battery, ill pass the torch lol

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That looks like it is for a boat. If so I would be printing in ABS or TPU. Probably ABS for looks.

PLA will degrade over time and become quite brittle. Looks like an easy and quick print. Probably will take longer to design the model…

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This guy @BluPenguin is awesome, in terms of skill and kindness.


ESK8 community, of which I am a recent member, seem to be great guys.