3D printable enclosure for replaceable batteries

Is there any 3D printable enclosures out there that can fit two 4s 5000mah batteries, and can quickly open in order to replace the batteries? I have a pretty janky enclosure and would very much like to have a cleaner looking board that can show off the decals on the bottom of the deck!

Edit: forgot to mention the batteries are lipo packs

Nese modules

Don’t have the money for those currently, but it will be a future upgrade

He has the 3d files for printing the enclosures under the resources tab

Oh i see what you mean. I should have specified, they are two 4s lipo packs wired in series

This wouldnt work? http://18650.lt/index.php/resources/4p-n-e-s-e-module/

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Those are for samsung 18650 cells, I have lithium polymer batteries, basically what go in RC cars.

Search thingiverse there is options