3d printable water/mudgaurd for 97mm flywheels

looking for a 3d print file for water/mudguards for 97mm flywheels on a top mount deck (37.7 Vulcan kick)

I made my own design in fusion360. My board features 90mm clones and caliber trucks.

you can get the files, but they tend to break quite easily when using PLA, just got ABS in the mail and I am going to try that out, see if it holds up longer.

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Are you good with the software this be my first print no clue what I’m doing with it…I’ll have access Saturday to all diff types the filament can test it for ya could ya do a 97mm one would owe ya I’m lost using the software at the min doing a course Saturday tho

just published it, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2775646

I also added the f3d file (fusion file, so you can customize my sketches)

I got some freetime right now, I will try to make them fit for your wheels! Whats the width of the wheel that touches the surface?

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I’m not home right now but will be soon and I’ll measure the wheels thanks man

are you using caliber trucks btw? then it is an easy fix, otherwise it will be hard for me.

and i only got the front wheel fenders… they do work great against wet roads!

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just added (thingiverse) the heavily reinforced files for your 97mm flywheels, i really hope you are using calibers.

Ya man using calibers up front anyway do you still need the measurements

they are probably just the same width as my wheels, I have the fender width set to 56 mm. it i a bit wider than your wheel.

and use a bit of hot glue and toothsticks to get the fenders snug on the trucks

i need this mudguard too, but heard plastic made can be rattled too much so people seems to gave up

what 3d printer do you have? I can help you if it’s Anet A8

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Is the mud guard not in the way of the belt/pulley? Thanks for the 97mm version dju try abs yet?

They have a few diff printers in there…2 of the repeal mendal’s, wasp 4070,wasp 2040 and an Ultimaker 2