3D Printables for ESkate


I’ll get this build going eventually


This one?


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Love the look of that filament. Sadly being at the other end of the world I have to pay a fortune to get filament from outside the country (New Zealand).

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Is that the fatboy mini ss on 240 hangers? Im thinking of using the exact same thing but I’ll be using those gbomb forks to push the trucks out more.

Yeah I saw your posts on Facebook. As much as I want to do use gbomb brackets they’re just expensive. Might just do what @riako said and DIY some brackets out of metal bars.


Would rather have preferred black lol. It was the only filament available at my local library, so I unfortunately don’t know the name or where to purchase it.

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Here is a simple 10mm riser that holds a Tile PRO. I used the dimensions I got from google’ing “Tile Pro dimensions”. Somebody print this and let me know if I need to change anything.


Im still up in the air as to what im gonna go with. But most likely g bombs even though they are pricey.

There’s this as well

two of those + shipping to the US is about 162 usd, just a few dollars cheaper than gbombs.

that would seal it

3d printed box/enclosure for the typical cheap ESC - features printable TPU gasket and anti-vibration TPU standoff washers

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Did you find one?

A bracket? Thinking about a single Exile bracket for the rear of the Hummie build I was working on

21700 spot welding jig

I made some Chaka holders instead

Got pics? That’s what I used last time for siliconing the cells last time