3D Printables for ESkate

I can share it it’s just a scaling job https://forum./t/magharees-grenadier-emtb-2-x-6384-unity-12s4p-sanyo-21700b/498/4?u=magharees

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Cannot find the files?

Will post them 2day

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@moon never got to a PC, this should be it for 21700 but please check https://a360.co/2HngWvV

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Thank you Ill print it soon

@banjaxxed I don’t think there’s an option to download

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Balls it won’t let me do anything to change that in the iOS app and unworkable in safari, will update from pc in the morning sorry

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Has anyone designed a 3D printed top mount enclosure for the unity yet?

I’m working on something similar for flipsky 6.6dual. If I had a unity or a close enough 3d model of one I could model something pretty quickly.

20190508_221955 20190508_222022 20190508_222039 20190508_222058


I was just checking before I decided to model one up when mine comes in from the easter sale. Figured it was worth asking.

That looks badass!

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Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your unity version! The flipsky is pretty big so the box is even bigger. The unity will look even better imo.

I believe @ducktaperules has a accurate model of the unity that he released on the open source design thread.


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Idk if this is a shit idea or not but im working on a way to hide the loop key in a riser as well as the charge port.

Ik my print quality is shit im working on fixing it


Good idea, access to the loop key will be a problem. Maybe put them out the front or back?


Thats what I’m printing next, I also wanna get some AS150 to try something out with them.

It could blend in with the motor wires but when you plug it in it turns the board on.

Getting your fingers around the key will be tricky. I designed/printed a “case” for my key that has a loop that came out at a 45 degree angle specifically for that reason (i.e. you can slide the key in flush).

Like the idea of having it in the riser, though.

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Do you have any pictures of it, might try that out also

I don’t. I’ll try and remember to take one tonight, or at least share the .stl.

Ok, Thank you

OK… I think this is what you wanted.

My first thingiverse thingy! :slight_smile:

Sorry, there’s not much in the way of a preview :slight_smile: … it’s getting late and I’m starting to get tired (8pm in NZ).