3D Printables for ESkate

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Can you confirm it’s ok for 21700 and I’ll just post as a remix of Chaka’s Thing

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I made some 3D printed pieces to store your esk8 on the wall. With small hooks that gives you places to hang you remote and/or key.

files for 83, 90 and 97mm wheels are provided

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Any concerns about vibrations directly above the truck?

Not really. I’ll be gluing the heatsink to the vesc shell with 5200 marine grade sealent (its waterproof and cures as a super tough rubber in a way). The bottom cover that attaches to the truck part will be made from tpu to suck up the vibrations as well while the top cover will be made from petg.

This is an earlier model, but as you can see it’s a two piece construction. 20190506_152713


I tried printing your enclosure but ended in failure. The issue is the way they connect to each other. The print requires support material you have to remove around the tabs that connect. The sections didn’t fit together well because of the support material left it rough. Either way I couldn’t come up with a way to water proof it very well. I ended up getting a psychotiller enclosure and am mostly happy with it besides the way it attaches to the board. I like your design a lot I’m bummed I couldn’t get it to work.

I have had no issues like that which you describe, but perhaps my support settings were different. Check out @M.Hboards recent build. He used the files with good results. My own test prints locked together nicely. It definitely isn’t waterproof (it’s a five piece part after all). But thanks for considering it all the same.


Hmm… I had been planning on mounting my VESC under the board next to the BMS, which had the side effect of making it impossible to mount the motors under the board as I wouldn’t have room (I’m using a very short board).

Didn’t consider mounting the vesc on top. it does look pretty cool. Something to add to my considerations.

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@RedBaron have u released stl’s for that dual flipsky yet? I would love to try and print one

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No, not yet. I’ll release as soon as I make a few more changes and do one last test fit.




Ive been slowlyslowly building this guy so i can print w/e i want… im working on the enclosure rn because i have a spool of CF PC arriving in a few minutes and a nozzleX from e3d


Thats awesome! I was gonna make an enclosure for mine but I decided to just stick it in a locker.



I like it… what is that printer

you know fusion has a screenshot function right^^

Anyone wanna design something stupid simple for me? Sure others would use it too.

Looking for an extra thick tail bone/tail guard.

Kinda like


But maybe twice as thick?

With how much higher our boards ride than traditional boards i feel the need for a thicker guard or a riser so it hits the ground a bit sooner.

@b264 do you use tail guards? They seem like something you’d use.


I’d fucking love a tailbone that’s a whole 55mm thicker than normal. Normal is 10.0mm thick, I just measured.

So, 65mm thick LoLz

And yes, I’d drill through it to put lights in it.


If y’all can get me some dimensions, including the top radius against the deck, I’ll put something together Monday.


If you mean the flat curve, the tailbones are flat and pull up to the deck with bolts. That wouldn’t work for such a thick one though. :expressionless:

If you are serious, I will send you a regular one in the mail you can model against :smiley:

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If it all possible two size variants would be great considering I have two kicktail decks with very different width tails.

Bigger one could be about 7 inch x 2 1/2

Smaller one 5x 2 1/2

Yeah, I use my phone for the forums so it’s easier to take a picture.

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If you don’t want to wait, and you have a TAP plastics near you, I’ve had good luck picking up scrap pieces of HDPE for cheap in 1/2" - 1" thickness. I have a chunk of 3/4" HDPE that’s been sitting around for about 3 years that was going to be a tail guard for my old 80’s Santa Cruz deck, (like your Skateshred deck), but I never finished it.

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