3D Printables for ESkate

Great job keep up the good work. It’s amazing to see 3d printed stuff for esk8 :smile:

Spot on design for the cover. Thanks for sharing those files!


Awesome, looks good too.

Here a small update, couldnt edit the original topic so I figured I’d post it here.

Discussion with @eboosted about a blitzu mount for trampa decks…

Here’s the download links for the requested blitzu mounts… https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2455515 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2455393

This is a pulley Im working for MBS 7in Knobby Wheels, they are $20 each so would be a great way for people to try pnumatics.

I’ll post the model when I’ve tested. Im starting with a 36 tooth gear, but I’ll be testing with a 60 tooth as well.

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How will these mount to the hubs?

The same way the flywheel pulleys mount. There’s the inside object which holds the hear and the outside which is the retainer. You will use m5 bolts to secure it all together.

The questions is the placement of the air stem. To have room to squeeze it in I essentially had to make the retainer hollow under it and rely on a spacer to carry the load. I don’t remember the exact spacer measurement but I’m using some I have easy access too so it’ll be simple to test.

I’m hoping the 36t gear provides more bottom end torque than the 60t so I can reliable test torsion strength but I may have to go straight to a 60t to get any speed. Not sure yet how to calculate the speed vs. strength of a 3d printed object.

But once I get the model finalized I’m gonna look for a method having them milled out of aluminum. I’m also looking for a way to mount motors on the MBS ABS trucks, not the ABS 12. The ABS are pretty inexpensive and look solid, although I haven’t ridden them yet.


These are the wheels I’m working with…

13018 - Complete 7" Knobby Wheel (1) $19.95 each https://www.mbs.com/parts/13018-complete-7-knobby-wheel-1

These are the trucks I’ll be working with when the pulleys are finished…

12008 - MBS ATS Truck (1) $29.95 each https://www.mbs.com/parts/12008-mbs-ats-truck-1

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Do you happen to remember the screw size you used t fasten the pulley cover to the motor plate? Ive got a request from thingiverse for it and I can find it anywhere. thanks

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Sorry, I don’t. And I don’t have the same setup any more.

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I’ve made a simple 18650 four cell holder for battery packs. It’s ideal for making/connecting 4p packs together thus should help keeping things together along the rides. I’ve printed it in flexible filament so that it fits the cells snugly and without damaging them.

If there’s interest in 3p version, I can make and upload it too.


God damn your the man!!!


I’ve made some additional iterations of my 18650 holder:

Now available in 1P,2P, 3P, 4P, 5P and 10P. I’ve made my two 5S4P packs with them, spot welded it together, added some super tape across the cells and pushed it into a plastic battery shrink. Feels sturdy and solid.


Could you add a 12P. Some may want 12S2P side by side. Therefore a 12P holder would be great!

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No problem. I’ve added 12P too.


Been riding these mounts for some time and they’re reliable enough for me to publish them. Big thanks to @solidgeek which was my inspiration in 3D printed mounts. I’ve really liked the idea of “double” mount but the new design was needed for 265mm belts (his was for 295mm).

Lot’s of time and “gold” went into different design iterations, printing materials, testing and fixing. When printed with appropriate material these can take some real world abuse for sure.

I’ll share my enclosure designs in the near future too; those will cover a complete 18650 10S4P modular enclosure with electronics compartment which can easily take two focboxes. I may be one of the few who rides dual drive board with so many 3D printed parts - motor mounts, risers, battery cell holders, battery enclosure (enhanced with glass fiber) and VESC enclosure. :smile:


Anyone got enclosure files?

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Just made this one for TB enclosures.

Which material did you use when printing the mounts?

Motor mount was printed with XT-CF20 and Aprinta PETG XT-CF20 and both work great. Caliber mount was printed with Extrudr GreenTEC which is flexible enough to hold on to the truck.