3D Printed axle spacer for Trampa Vertigo trucks

Some time ago I have seen there a neat 3D printed spacer for Trampa’s trucks for front to replace these ugly raw metal spacers that don’t fit the trucks visually. Couldn’t find them on thingiverse so decided to contribute and design them myself, wasnt as easy as I thought because of the inregular shapes of the trucks but managed it after few attempts. My original spacer had 18,20mm so I made the plastic one to be 18.30mm to make sure that the nut won’t reach end of the thread.

I do not guarantee that they will fit perfectly and cause no issues, I’m not responsible for any accidents cause by this!

TrampaTruckSpacer IMG_20190119_161300 IMG_20190119_161328 IMG_20190119_161517

Before: IMG_20190119_160159

After: IMG_20190119_162124


They look like duffmans, but thanks for the file!

Very nice.

Could you increase the size of the hole so that the metal spacer could fit underneath it? Then you could maintain the strength of the metal but make it look nice as well

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Possibly but then there’s a chance it would slide off into the bearing and shred its gasket/cover xD

They could be glued onto the metal. Would make for the best of both worlds

I don’t think you need strenght here, not much forces push on it, also even Trampa doesn’t recommend to screw it hard because you destroy the bearings or cause it to wear it quickly. If you would try to screw it hard you would probably destroy the bearing before print would fail.

I‘m not getting this. How I could destroy the bearings in this case?

One thing I would also consider, even if there maybe not so big forces from the nut pressing the hub and than the spacer, you have non the less forces hitting the spacer when you carve. The wheel will move a bit and that cause forces on the spacer too.

Assembly manual shows to not use much force to tighten the nut. Also the bearing spacer is loose, doesn’t actually support them, so If you tighten the nut hard wheel spins with more friction which suggests that there are forces applied to the sides of the bearing which is not what they’re really meant for.

Of course I’m not an expert, I might be wrong, tests will show.

For what you need a bearing spacer if the spacer is smaller than the distance between the bearings? :thinking: Don’t make a sense for me.

I know right? My bearing spacer is 16.70mm meanwhile in the manual for vertigo/super star, it shows that it should be 17.8mm…

Oh and yes my bearings should be fully inserted as they’re flush with the side of the hub and don’t go further.

I was speaking about the spacer you fit inbetween the bearings, not the one you created

Yes that’s what I’m talking about.

Trucks >> Axle Spacer(the thing I modded) >> Bearing >> Bearing support spacer >> Bearing >> Nut

Ok so you speak about the bearing support spacer? Because I was speaking about this one. I don’t understand which sense it makes that this one is smaller than the distance between the bearings. If there is space left I don’t need this spacer at all, or do I get something wrong here?

Did you read the manual? xD

Maybe you can help me out there and explain it?

There are two types of spacers that trampa gives you, one, that is already fitted onto the trucks - axle spacer when you buy these, another in the accesory bag with all the screws nuts waschers and bearing support spacer that goes betweet two bearings of the wheel - bearing support spacer, it’s not visible after the assembly.

Pic from Trampa’s manual for kits using 35* long deck, Vertigo/Infinity trucks and superstar wheels: trampaManual

This I know, but did you know that the old spacer which now 17.8mm have been smaller before and there was a rubber spacer which needed to be added to fill the gap between spacer and bearing? I didn’t understood why it was like this and which advantage it had. I think we where just speak about different things. All good.

Wait a moment, is this what those rubber o-rings are for? :rofl:

Could you please edit the picture above and show where it goes?

image Between the spacer and the bearing

Ok thanks. This is nuts, @trampa please update your manuals…