3D Printed Boosted Board Killer


I love the Boosted Boards but wanted something more, so I created and designed this amazing 5000W almost completely 3D Printed electric Longboard. Check out my Video about it if you want to learn more! This Thing combines everything I ever wanted from a good electric Longboard:

  • Amazing Remote
  • Flexy Deck for smooth ride
  • High Power
  • Fast Charging
  • Smart BMS
  • Nice Remote with percise and smooth control and great features
  • Somewhat Waterproof
  • Reliable

DSC00644 DSC00645 DSC00646 DSC00648 DSC00649





  • 5000W Power
  • Peak 12Nm per Wheel (Dual Drive)
  • 36Km Range
  • 388Wh Battery
  • 9,5Kg weight
  • 40Km of Range per Hour charging
  • Board Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 (same as Boosted Board V2 Deck)


  • 3D Printed BatteryCase that can be easily removed and swapped
  • Hidden flat copper cables for clean look
  • 12S3P 18650 Samsung 30Q Battery Maximum Discharge per Cell: 35A peak
  • SMART Bluetooth BMS I made a Video about it Smart BMS sounds awesome and it is!
  • Pre charge Anti Spark that doesnt destroy itself, every other Anti Spark died on me You need to precharge the capacitors of the vesc to have a reliable system (link to schematic is above)
  • XT60 for charging
  • 10mm hole for on off switch

VESC Case:

  • 3D Printed Vesc Case
  • 2x esk8.de hellray VESCs 4.12 with direct Fets on FW 3.4
  • Added a 600W TVS Diode. Almost NO VESC except the Focbox and a few others have a TVS Diode!
  • YOUR VESC WILL DIE ON 12S WITHOUT ONE! It saves your vesc against high Voltage trancients (I have a pile of dead vescs and repaired a few, trust me!) How to Install one on your vesc and more details in my video! I used the P6KE56CA
  • Arduino Nano with NRF24L01 controlling the VESC over UART


  • 3D Printed Motor Guards for front and back, makes them practically waterproof
  • 3D Printed Wheel Pulleys (currently 38T)
  • 2x TorqueBoard 6355 190Kv Motors (run them on 70A because airflow is restricted by the splash guards) !!dont recommend the Motors, magnets need to be glued, more info in my video!!
  • 12mm Belts
  • MBS All Terrain 100mm Wheels
  • 15T gears on my Motor


  • FireFly Remote
  • Modded the Firmware heavily, many Features added, full list on my GitHub (linked above) Things like Battery Bar, Action Based information, Km and Energy tracker, full UART Support etc etc. Currently made it for Vesc FW 3.4 Works great!

Current Km state of this Board 780Km, still works great!! Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Impressive, very nice work!

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This is a clickbait title if I’ve ever seen one. :joy:


hell yeah, but as long as there is actually something good behind the bait I think its okay :smiley:


Nice build! Would the firefly firmware work with the unity?

Nice work :+1:

should propably. Try it out and see if the library reads data from the vesc. I made this for Vesc firmware 3.4 so anything from 3.xx should work


I am not very familiar Uploading the FW to the remote, do you know any guide I can follow or point me briefly in the right direction?

Hm, where did you even get your Firefly from? Did you buy it preassembled or why dont you know how to flash it… I wount really recommend messing around with that If you dont know how to reprogram it, since you can mess things up and then nothing will be working. On mine I layed the Uart to the micro USB port for charging but I guess on yours you have to open it up and plug into the arduino on the inside. But you definitly should understand the basics of arduinos in the first place for that, just watch arduino tutorials on yt to get how the software works


Super impressive @Pryside! I’m just curious can someone confirm your swich design and Vesc mod. It sounds to good to be true.

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Got any pictures about these ? Thanks for sharing the schematic of the pre charge AS :beers:


If I understood correctly from the video, your diode will cause a short circuit if the voltage goes above 58V or so… couldn’t that harm the battery or BMS? (I forgot if yours was discharge passthrough or not.)


could you link the BMS I couldn’t find it anywhere

@pryside can you please draw the schematic of your firefly receiver? Now that you use UART for reading and writing data you only need two pins RX,TX as well as CE and CSN? You don’t need the 5V,PPM,GND wires from VESC?

I have a video about it, where I also talk about how to find it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQW3uuzNnkg

Literally google “Smart BMS 12S” for example. Aliexpress, BMSbattery.com Lithiumbatterypcb.com so many sites offer this… :slight_smile:

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Short circuit in the sense that It destroys the excess voltage trancients. It eats up the spikes created by your motors and vesc. A vesc makes switching mistakes all the time and creats constantly voltage and current spikes that vary in their peaks. So no current gets drawn from the Battery when a TVS Diode kills voltage spikes, thats why I said to mount them directly on the PCB of the Vesc, otherwise it wont work because of the inductance of the battery wires, the trancient of the vesc usually wont even reach the battery.


Currently time a little rare, yes I can draw it out and all, but it’s usually the same as every nrf24l01 arduino nano uart config. Just need to watch out to use the right CE CSN pins on the nano. These are defined in my Arduino code at the top. Just use a normal NRF24L01 - Arduino Nano wiring diagramm and watch out that the CE and CSN pins match the ones I used in my code (or change them in the code later on) And use a normal Arduino Nano - Vesc Uart wiring. Uart is only TX, RX, GND and 5V. Nothing more needed. In the Vesc Tool its then Uart at 115200 as control and not PWM anymore. Also as mentioned in my Git Vesc Firmware 3.4 is currently required for my Software


Please make and send me an antispark that actually works @Pryside . I will love you so hard for the rest of your adult life.


I’m a new subscriber of yours and from Germany too. Do you know anything about what the laws are like in Germany rn?

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I’m writing my exams very soon so I’ll see how much time I have. Can sell you one for 30€+shipping. I’ll contact you when I get it done. Give me your contacts in the DMs and I can send you one.